Affinities of signs — what are the best locations for each sign?

This post is a follow up from the Tuesday post in which I alluded to the natural affinities of each sign — that lend themselves to good locations for you. I’m borrowing heavily from David Cochrane’s more than 45 years of research — he did thousands of interviews in the 1970s and 1980s to come up with his highly original and evidence-based Vibrational Astrology.

One of the things that David Cochrane used as a research tool was the concept of “extreme case sampling.” If we give the different planets a certain score, the people with the highest scores should consistently have certain attributes. One rule of thumb I like to use for score is:

  • Sun — 5 points
  • Moon, Ascendant — 4 points
  • Mercury, Venus, Mars — 3 points
  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto — 2 points

The highest possible score is 32, although very few humans have a score higher than 20 in any given sign, and even a score like 20 is very rare. (My own top two signs have 8 and 7 points, respectively — this is more normal.)

Cochrane found that people with very high scores in a given sign did share certain attributes in common. The following were the notes I took over the several classes he taught, as well as some of my own thoughts on the subject. This is knowledge that I use in my consultations of people.

If someone has a lot of planets in Aries or Aries sun or ascendant, the priority is for honesty, authenticity, simplicity, even minimalism.  Aries does not want to be forced to sugarcoat things, or to adhere to some requirement to do something that doesn’t feel right.  Aries does better where there are not a lot of social requirements, and don’t want to be in a situation where there is a risk of being ostracism.

Aries would do better where there are many rules to choose from; a limited set of social rules is very difficult, although a vacation of up to two weeks in such a place would be a nice experiment.  Places where there is a monoculture is problematic.  Anonymity is good.  Some places have standards but are okay if you break the standards; some places allow diversity even if they don’t have a lot of it.  The United States overall is a good place for Aries.  Aries will often leave their place of birth even if they feel comfortable there, just to start over and recreate themselves.  They would not want to go back to the place that they’re from, such as when in a relationship or any other circumstance where that is a possibility.

Someone with a strong Taurus in their chart is interested in nature, which mostly involves plants rather than animals.  They also want to unfold from within, which explains their affinity for plants.  An environment that is not chaotic and without sudden interruptions or blaring sounds.  They therefore tend to not like cities. 

Taurus wants to develop gradually, consistently, and become perfected.  They will benefit from workshops, practice, discipline, routine, libraries, parks, tools, and resources needed to grow their vision.  They will need their sudden adherence to their goals.  The rural environment does not necessarily provide these needed resources, and Taurus looks for convenience.  Taurus may be willing to work long days at an enterprise to fulfill their vision, and it’s a kind of meditative work.  Routines should be developed from within.  Thinking, deciding, weighing options are not consistent with unfolding.

Having Gemini prominent in the chart means a need for stimulation and the great variety of stimulation to trigger new thoughts, ideas, and connection.  Gemini as an adult does best in a suburban or urban environment.  As a child they may be more interested in rural areas as an urban area wouldn’t make sense to them and inputs a lot of cacophony.  But as an adult, hearing different points of view and different specializations that different people have is wonderful for a Gemini.  Universities, festivals, the arts scene are very attractive.

Gemini does not do well under constant pressure to produce tangible results.  Deadlines, pressure to focus on a single goal does not do well at all for Gemini.

If someone has a high score for Cancer they are interested in a safe place, a place where they feel at home.  Close friends and usually family are almost necessary.  The idea of moving to places where they don’t know anyone is an issue.  Finding their tribe, their ethnic style and a new family is essential.  New age or a specific music scene, specific night life or hobbies where Cancer can share their soul feeling with others are important. 

Ethnic style is very important.  What is their comfort food, or comfort music?  It is domestic to them, not necessarily you.

If someone has a strong Leo influence in the chart the process involves the theme of self-development, the development of the individual.  This generally does NOT necessarily involve their own selves, but those who do (and those who believe in human development more universally) are interested in a place where they can shine, grow, and develop.  The place itself can vary, depending on what is needed.  If they are a country singer, for example, they would benefit from going to Nashville.  They might not even like Nashville or the weather there but they are willing to sacrifice enjoying the location for the ultimate goal, which is to shine. 

They may be willing to go to a risky area as long as this goal is met, their expressing their talent.  Unlike Cancer, they wouldn’t want to take the job with the highest pay, but rather the place where their passion is fulfilled, where what is important to them is fulfilled.

The characteristics of those with strong Virgo in their chart that would dictate their location begin with their sense of a divine order and perfection, integrity, correctness, manners, rules, right and wrong.  The purpose of Virgo is to manifest that perfection.  That is the spiritual purpose of Virgo.

A place like Singapore, where there are lots of rules where there will be consequences if they are not followed, and is a place that’s very clean and organized (and orderly) seems like the perfect place.  Find that perfection, and live it.

If someone has a lot of planets in Libra or a Libra sun the ongoing theme is fairness and equality, especially in relationships.  Everybody is equally needed, appreciated, and respected.  Libra needs to live in a location where s/he has community, friends, real friends, where sharing, rapport and the ability to be vulnerable safely takes place.  To be there for each other, without judgment.  A Libra experiences the loss of friends there is the reality that it – these partnerships – can be rebuilt.  There’s no ownership, no dominance. 

Libra will live in any climate or environment, no matter how extreme, as long as these friends are there.  A Libra might go on a wilderness hiking experience, one perhaps that is extreme, with others to form deep friendships from the experience and where everyone offers something (stamina, ability to find food, etc.) from the experience they have with such trips.

Somebody with a strong Scorpio influence is likely to merge, or fuse, with the object of their desire and interaction.  Scorpio is completely in the zone, and is one with what they’re doing.  Whatever place they can get in the zone, like with sports, as a heart surgeon, as musicians, ceramic artist, they are in it all the way; they are one with the activity.

They might get divorced and remarried again to the same person because they’ve never truly left them.  They may want close relationships with their children or other family members, to have this connection, to be there (whether the child or family member wants this or not.)

Somebody with a high score for Sagittarius is interested in exploration and adventure, large exciting places with lots of stimulation.  They don’t want to focus on minute trivia or petty things – they’re interested in the big picture.  Sagittarius does not want to be in a small town or mono-cultural place, but wants to experience a diverse set of cultures, philosophies, and religions.  Sagittarius loves wide open spaces.  Sagittarius wants different things happening, change.

Sagittarius would do well in large, diverse urban areas.  New York City, especially Manhattan, is wonderful, but the suburbs are definitively not.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, are great; Portland, OR with its diversity and great views, are wonderful.  Most larger cities will have some areas where there is eccentricity and education.  Possibly parts of Washington, DC for educated, active Sagittarians, but the monotony of government workers could prove problematic and it might be better to visit than live.  New Orleans would also be great to visit.  European cities are multicultural and multilingual and nice to visit but doesn’t necessarily have the “looseness” that the United States does.  Sagittarian Europeans, on the other hand, often love the United States.

Sagittarius would like a grand, large view, and in living, would prefer to take an apartment or unit on a higher floor, closer to the top of the building.

Somebody with a strong Capricorn likes to be objective, to detach and see clearly, what is known as  witness consciousness is a strong theme for Capricorn.  This is a power that most animals and children are not attuned to.  Mindfulness is a similar concept.  Seeing from the outside as opposed to being immersed is a Capricorn trait.  It gives the ability to succeed in business, in life, in our careers.  Planning, organizing, counseling.  It commands respect but it can lead to dispassion.  It can manipulate.  A strong Capricorn indicates somebody who is most definitely an adult. 

Capricorn is likely to live its life according to a strategy and game plan because of their objectivity and because it works.  They are not likely to be influenced by unrealistic “images” of their chosen profession.  Government agencies, corporations, businesses, large enterprises like hospitals require people who can clearly understand what is needed.  Good places for Capricorn are where Capricorn can map out their game plan and execute whatever talents, motivations, and interests they have, and Capricorn will sacrifice personal preferences for what is effective for the game plan.  They don’t have a specific result in mind; they are realistic about how far down the road they can see and adjust their strategy when it is appropriate to do so.

If someone has a lot of planets in Aquarius or an Aquarius sun they are likely to have a group emphasis; that their commitment to a group that they believe in is strong.  Everything is part of a network.  Being a component in a network rather than life as an individual is how an Aquarius sees things, and connecting with the rest of the network brings joy.  Bringing people together to achieve something that individuals alone can’t do, like skyscrapers, computers, orchestras, and so forth, is something that an Aquarius sees very clearly.  And the network survives even as the components die (or leave).  There is great humility in Aquarius.  Being part of something bigger than yourself is important.

It follows Aquarius will work well in places where s/he can contribute to a network.  A club, a company, or other collective of some kind.  An Aquarius wants to be a valued component and contributor.  Usually urban or modern, industrial or information settings; this is where you are a smaller but vital part of something very big, where you have some sort of role.  Aquarius is happier in the modern urban culture.  A company, club or organization that Aquarius is excited about is the key to fulfillment.

Questions for the Aquarius include:

  • What organization or group do you contribute to?
  • How do you feel about these groups?
  • Are you playing an important role?

The political, social, and philosophical priorities of the groups they are a part of is critical.  Universities, businesses, corporations are often the heart and soul of the Aquarius.  The extreme example might be working in the headquarters of Google.  If you agree with the lifestyle, attitudes, goals, and values of Google, it would be like heaven.  Or, if you’re one of the people making information services possible for those landing on the Moon, it’s an inspiring life to have.

The networking is real.  It’s not what’s in the news or the image that people not in the network have of it.  It’s being on the ground floor in the actual experience.

Aquarius is opposite Leo, with Leo’s focus on the development of the individual.

Somebody with a strong Pisces in their chart has an awareness (unconscious or superconscious) that everything comes from the same source and is all-one, or connected (Namaste).  Einstein put what is considered science fiction into science, building science from literal dreams as well as exacting precise technology and math. 

Places that are good for Pisces are places where people do not categorize people in rigid ways and put them in boxes.  Where people are not judged by superficial things and not limited by narrow definitions.  Where things can be fluid and creative or inventive.  Where science and art are not separate.  Pisces dislikes a world where professors are addressed with deep respect and laborers are considered an afterthought is anti-Pisces.  A Pisces is against a world where a priest or nun (or doctor, or business person) is seen as different from other people, where the businessmen wear grey suits, where people conform to stereotypes.

Artists are not auxiliary things; they are integral to life.  Every ethnic group should have scientists, artists, businesspeople.  Pisces needs a place where genius can develop; the genius of integrating things that have not been integrated before.  They need an opportunity to bring out this genius.  In the U.S., places like Santa Fe, NM, San Francisco, CA, the Shenandoah mountains near DC, Austin, TX, maybe Asheville, NC.  Unlike Aquarius, with Pisces there is no collective identity.  Some hippies are disciplined, dislike recreational drugs, and appreciate strong law enforcement.  Places that contradict the stereotype.  When you can’t tell what a person does or is like from what they look like.

A Pisces, unlike the stereotype, is likely to have focus and discipline.

I need to emphasize again that today’s modality of finding the best locations for a certain sign is only ONE of several methodologies that should be used to determine where’s the best place for you to live. Every location will have trade-offs. Everything — through all the modalities, some of which I’ve covered in previous blog posts — should be carefully considered.

When I made the decision to move from Pittsburgh to Denver, I knew in advance what the potential negative things were. I made a judgment call that the positives were things I very, very much wanted and the negatives were what I was willing to risk. The rule of thumb is that ‘you go where you get the things you want, and then deal with the problems — UNLESS the problems are too difficult to deal with.’

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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