Joanna, part 2

This post is here to “finish up” the reading I did for Joanna earlier this year. Hopefully this will give you a picture of what a successful reading amounts to.

Joanna had, in particular, lived under three different Midheavens. Her birthplace in Detroit has a Leo Midheaven. In Los Angeles it relocates to Cancer, and in Pittsburgh it relocates to Virgo. Her birth ascendant is Scorpio for both Detroit and Pittsburgh and Libra for Los Angeles. The descriptions, per Round Art, are as follows.

  • Scorpio ascendant (Detroit and Pittsburgh): aggressive environment, passion, industry, reserve, caution, quick decision, violence; hot-blooded, secretive, magnetic, sexual, conservative, willful, brutal, untiring, impulsive.
  • Libra ascendant (Los Angeles): harmonious environment, attractive appearance, charm, flattery, work aversion, vanity, craves approval; agreeable, sociable, indolent, meddlesome, pleasure-loving, saccharine, relaxed, gushing.
  • Virgo midheaven (Pittsburgh):  striving for a secure livelihood, tidiness, organization, dissatisfaction, intellectual professions, susceptible to flattery; hypersensitive, petty, conservative, unspontaneous, moral.
  • Cancer midheaven (Los Angeles): simplicity, tactfulness, modesty, thrift; responsible, concerned, conservative, dedicated, emotional, slow, clinging, avaricious.
  • Leo midheaven (Detroit): self-confidence, social climbing, optimism, egotism; organized, ambitious, generous, proud, domineering, rigid, selfish, aspiring.

Some astrologers will tell you that each new location allows you to add characteristics to your personality. This school of thought implies that growing up in Detroit and starting with Leo Midheaven characteristics, then adding Cancer Midheaven characteristics in Los Angeles, then adding Virgo Midheaven characteristics in Pittsburgh allows you to use these characteristics as well.

In my view this can only be pulled off if the client has a great deal of constant self-awareness, as in, significantly more self-awareness and self-knowledge than even a fairly self-aware person. And some characteristics don’t translate over. One great interpretation came from Jeanne Avery in her book, “The Rising Sign, Your Astrological Mask”:

[Libra’s] psychic awareness or perceptions can be quite acute, coming to him on a plane of “knowingness.” He doesn’t receive flashes of inspiration, he simply “knows.”

The idea of the “epiphany” was my reality for the first 46 years of my life. That is a Scorpio rising trait. That literally changed for me on the third and final day of my drive from Pittsburgh to Colorado. My ascendant line changing from Scorpio to Libra occurred in eastern Nebraska. By the time I made it to Boulder, I noticed it — the “it” being the “just knowing”. The epiphanies were gone.

Relating to other people I knew back in Pittsburgh who had Scorpio rising like me and who weren’t into astrology, I explained that characteristic, and they found it interesting. The basic point is that the change from the epiphany to just knowing was out of my control. It’s worth exploring what other things are out of one’s control and what things can be controlled.

Here’s a graph of Joanna’s planetary positions in houses based on location:

Planet               Pittsburgh, Detroit                 Los Angeles

  • Sun                        3rd                                            4th
  • Moon                   12th                                           1st
  • Mercury                3rd (ruler)                                 4th
  • Venus                     2nd (ruler)                                3rd
  • Mars                      3rd                                            4th (fall)
  • Jupiter                11th                                         12th (ruler)
  • Saturn                   11th (ruler)                               12th
  • Uranus                  1st                                            2nd
  • Neptune               2nd                                           3rd
  • Pluto                    11th (exalted)                           1st
  • Chiron         6th                                           7th         
  • North Node           9th (fall)                                   10th

All of Joanna’s planets were in the same houses in Pittsburgh and Detroit. All of her planets moved one house, except for Pluto, which moved two houses (unless you agree with the In Mundo interpretation that Time Passages uses).

Notably, Joanna has three planets in rulerships and an exalted planet as well back east. This is often very helpful. Venus in the 2nd house, per Mapping Your Travels, goes as follows:
If you want to attract more from the material world, including money and possessions, Venus in the relocated second house can ease your way. You may generate income through beauty, relationships, or work you enjoy, and comfort is highlighted. You could meet someone special in a bank, where you earn money, or at an arts event.

Joanna has already found someone special, but having the ability to attract more from the material world is huge. The Round Art says, for Venus:
physical beauty, personal attraction, need to be loved, good taste, luxury; affectionate, faithful, conservative, artistic, precious, grasping, indolent, materialistic.

Mercury in the third house:
You’re apt to be more verbal and versatile when Mercury is in your relocated third house. Mercury here also can help you become more articulate and multitalented, with a broader range of interests. Your curiosity and lightheartedness could rise.

The Round Art for Mercury in the 3rd house says:
versatility, inquiring mind, wide reading, speaking and writing, business talent, lack of thoroughness; witty, naughty, facile, articulate, intellectual, flippant, inquisitive, clever.

Saturn is also in rulership in the 11th house:
When Saturn is in the relocated eleventh house, you incorporate more common sense into friendships and associations. You may initiate change and take charge in groups or use technology and new concepts in practical ways. If your originality is usually stifled, this is a placement to avoid.

The Round Art says:
realization of plans, practical idealism, false friends, impressive speech, faithfulness, quiet determination; affable but detached, thoughtful, humane, reasonable, deliberate, organized.

But for her Saturn in Los Angeles, it’s in the 12th house. Per the Round Art:
difficult work in seclusion, struggles, timidity, isolation, melancholia, fear of failure, inferiority complex; modest, self-underrating, depressed, ungratified, serious, retiring.

Saturn in the 12th house is equivalent to Saturn in Pisces. It can be somewhat problematic.

Her Jupiter moves out of rulership, but it’s notable where it is in the 11th house. Per the Round Art:
prominent friends, patronage, help from others, good-fellowship, liberality; congenial, good-humoured, humanitarian, sympathethic, philanthropic, genteel, obliging, curious.

Mapping Your Travels has it as:
Intellectual sharpness and progressive ideas are featured when Jupiter is in the relocated eleventh house, as is increasing your circle of friends and increased activity in an organization or humanitarian cause. Your desire for independence is likely to increase, and networking brings you closer to your personal and professional goals.

That’s pretty big and will serve her well should she move to Pittsburgh, and did serve her well during the time she was there.

Her Mars is the last thing I’d like to focus on:

  • Mars in 4th house (LA): intense emotions, temper tantrums, troubled home-life, lacks persistence, accidents; impulsive, instinctual, bold, ambitious, irritable, sensuous.
  • Mars in 3rd house (Det, Pgh): mobility, mental energy, biting criticism, sarcasm, scattered energy, mockery; hasty, nervous, talkative, mischievous, restless, quarrelsome, cynical, irreverent.

Mapping Your Travels has Mars in the third house as:
With Mars in the relocated third house, you can sharpen your wits, develop a comedic bent, become more active in the neighborhood, declare your independence from siblings, or encourage physical dexterity and flexibility. Be cautious, though; in this location your words can become weapons-biting, ironic, sarcastic, and hurtful to others.

If anyone disagrees that based on the information I’ve given you about Joanna in the last two posts things are overall going to be far more favorable, I’d like to hear your rationale. Because to me this is one of the most clear-cut situations where Pittsburgh is more advantageous in many ways.

Last, but not least, there are the Treasure Maps to look at (David Cochrane’s Sirius III astrological program). The first one I’m going to look at is the Excitement and Instability, because it’s very telling.

Joanna’s Excitement and Instability map. Look at Detroit. There’s a Uranus line going right through it.

We were taught early and often that Uranus square Midheaven lends itself to (usually) problematic conditions. I was quite clear to Joanna that it was good that she got out of Detroit, as the saying goes. Neither Pittsburgh nor Los Angeles causes any such problems. David Cochrane implies in his teaching that Uranus is more likely to act as a malefic than Saturn is.

Her Love and Romance Astro Map was one of the most important revelations I found in this consultation:

Wow. Look at Pittsburgh.

Joanna told me she met her partner during the two years that she lived in Pittsburgh. Having Venus sextile her ascendant here, with, according to Time Passages, a three minute orb (!), brought a LOT of beauty in her life, including finding her partner, who is hopefully a life partner (and appears to be).

Those were the most telling Treasure Maps.

Though Pittsburgh is a lot more favorable for Joanna, she still resides in Los Angeles presently. It’s never that simple when you’re with somebody else who might have a completely different chart than you. She wrote to me in an email:

After your reading I had the talk with my boyfriend about where he wanted to be right now, I was so focused on us moving back to Pittsburgh, I hadn’t stopped and asked the question of “right now” to see what he wanted.. he said that he had been trying to leave Pitts for a while, and while he couldn’t see himself growing old in Los Angeles, he did feel that there was opportunity here that he would not have back home. So, we agreed that we would stay here for a while, so he can figure out where in this business he wants to be.

After that conversation, things opened up for me here that I never thought possible. I was open with the fact that we had been looking for a place and let’s say an earth angel helped us get into a property that is twice as big as our place now, big enough to have guests stay over from out of town, and was exactly what I wanted in a place… bigger and same style as the place I have now but with a bigger closet for two : ). We move in two weeks!

Also, after that decision, my boyfriend also got an extra part in our movie and it rekindled his passion for being on screen. He was a child actor and gave that dream up in high school because of the kids that surrounded him who made fun of him. I didn’t know how much that meant to him until he came to me crying about how this dream of his had resurfaced.

The complexity that many astrologers encounter can often include situations where the client has a partner who has completely different and conflicting needs. Joanna asked me if I could do a compatibility chart for her her and her boyfriend. Although it’s not my specialty, I agreed to give it a game try based on training I’ve had. Once COVID becomes less dangerous and she doesn’t have to worry about income, we’ll likely follow up on this. It will be interesting to see what compromises are made and how they serve both Joanna and her partner.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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