Mercury, per house placements and aspects

Before I begin, the usual disclaimer, which I’ve mentioned earlier, is: try not to relocate somewhere unless you’ve actually been to the place at least once. Try to observe yourself in the context of the interpretations that you should bring with you to the location. (That is what I did five years ago before moving here). Once your trip is over, focus on the changes you saw and what’s in the interpretation for a while. Look at all the interpretations you can. You will find many of them in this blog as well as the sources they came from.

Mercury is generally considered to be a very positive planet — no source I know considers it to be a malefic. That’s in contrast to Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Jupiter by some sources! The inner planets, including the Sun and Moon, are considered benefic, as are Mercury and Venus.

Mercury is the planet of communication, particularly verbal — a key to the logical, rational mind, and to curiosity and the need to know — symbolizes flexibility, multiple talents, the urge to learn (Mapping Your Travels and Relocation).

I’ll focus here on Mercury in the houses, per Mapping Your Travels (Maritha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske), and The Round Art (A.T. Mann). Mapping Your Travels will come first. Then I’ll go into aspects that Mercury makes with the Ascendant and Midheaven:

Mercury in the 1st house:
With Mercury in your relocated first house you can be more spontaneous and quick with your repartee. It’s also a plus if you’re quiet and reserved and want to strengthen your communication skills and become more open with people.

verbal aggression, repartee, quick-wit, over-work, enthusiasm, active intellect, nervousness, faux pas; observant, critical, precocious, sarcastic, eloquent, tactless.

Mercury in the 2nd house:
If you want to make money through your mind or mouth (writing, speaking, sales, media) or through handling information, Mercury in your relocated second house can put you closer to your goal. This placement also favors a pleasant and easygoing communication style.

formal thinking, logic, endurance, patience, sense of form; dogmatic, acquisitive, sensible, deliberate, one-sided, thorough, ponderous, thick-headed.

Mercury in the 3rd house:
You’re apt to be more verbal and versatile when Mercury is in your relocated third house. Mercury here also can help you become more articulate and multitalented, with a broader range of interests. Your curiosity and lightheartedness could rise.

versatility, inquiring mind, wide reading, speaking and writing, business talent, lack of thoroughness; witty, naughty, facile, articulate, intellectual, flippant, inquisitive, clever.
(Mercury is in rulership in the 3rd house.)

Mercury in the 4th house:
With Mercury in your relocated fourth house, you can improve family communication and bring more mental stimulation into your home through books and gatherings. This placement also might encourage you to learn more about real estate or your roots.

perception, memory, thinking influenced by feeling, slow but retentive intellect; psychological, irrational, sentimental, profound, diplomatic, discreet, poetic, agreeable.

Mercury in the 5th house:
Mercury in your relocated fifth house can assist you if you want to become a more dramatic communicator, enhance promotional and persuasive skills (speaking and/or writing), or improve communication with children or loved ones.

good humor, enthusiasm, creative thinking, foresight, deteermination; aspiring, dignified, positive, expansive, voluble, speculative, bossy, anti-intellectual, extroverted.

Mercury in the 6th house:
When Mercury is in your relocated sixth house, you can boost your common sense and enhance communication with colleagues. You also might spend more time thinking about health matters. This is probably not a good placement, however, if you tend to be self-critical.

thirst for knowledge, practical thinking, expert knowledge and specialized skill, bibliophilia; scientific, precise, intellectual, patient, analytical, well-read, careful, detached, sceptical, intelligent.
(Mercury is both in rulership and exaltation in the 6th house — the only planetary position in the zodiac that has both.)

Mercury in the 7th house:
You can enhance communication with partners and others close to you when Mercury is in your relocated seventh house. This placement also can help you develop diplomatic and negotiating skills. You may want to avoid this placement if you quickly tire of relationships.

public relations, charm, creativity within existing patterns, learns through others, team-work, justice, tactful mediation, compassion; eclectic, diplomatic, well-spoken, unoriginal, vapid.

Mercury in the 8th house:
Having Mercury in your relocated eighth house is an advantage if you’re doing a major research project for school or work, or an intellectual task that requires much focus and concentration. Here, you also can explore hidden matters and intense emotions.

sharp criticism, interest in difficult problems, intense concentration, scepticism, disputes, money troubles; sarcastic, insulting, cunning, argumentative, practical, penetrating, acidic.

Mercury in the 9th house:
If you’re searching for the right school or college location, or want to travel more, explore new ideas, communicate with people from other countries and cultures, or generally broaden your intellectual horizons, Mercury in your relocated ninth house is an asset.

philosophy, learning, broad outlook, legal troubles, scattered mentality, occupational difficulties; garrulous, hasty, unstable, sincere, freedom-loving, irreverent, inconstant, clever, fickle.
(Mercury is in detriment in the 9th house.)

Mercury in the 10th house:
Mercury placed in your relocated tenth house can help you become known in your community, seek power through your mind, and better understand authority figures or your parental role. If you’re inclined toward guilt or self-criticism, however, choose another location.

logic, concentration, ambition, patience, thoroughness; shrewed, self-seeking, pragmatic, cunning, melancholic, suspicious, economical, painstaking, industrious, discriminating.

Mercury in the 11th house:
With Mercury in your relocated eleventh house, you want more communication with friends and more involvement with organizations, social groups, or causes. This placement also emphasizes stretching your thinking and exploring unconventional ideas.

progressive thinking, quick understanding, ramification, enthusiasm, originality, reformer, inventor, organizer; fresh, lively, involved, well-informed, sociable, utopian, comprehensive, intellectual, studious.

Mercury in the 12th house:
If you want to write poetry or music, develop your imagination, or explore your compassionate, sensitive side or mystical matters, Mercury in your relocated twelfth house is helpful. If you tend toward “poor me” thinking, however, this is not the place for Mercury.

fantasy, imagination, influenced by ideas, of others; intuitive, retentive, discursive, mediumstic, philosophical, poetic, musical, humourous, versatile, refined.
(Mercury is in fall and detriment in Pisces, again, the only planetary position in the entire zodiac with both).

Following are the Mercury aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven, listed with the source:

Mercury conjunct Ascendant (Round Art):
fluent speech, intelligence, myriad social contacts; educable, inquiring, curious, eloquent, talkative, extraverted, witty, charming, facile.

Mercury sextile, trine, or quintile Ascendant (Round Art):
easy contacts, sociableness, facility, exchange of ideas, passion for discussion, many acquaintances, correspondence, business; analytical, articulate, diplomatic.

Mercury square or opposition Ascendant (Round Art):
disharmonious attitude, poor judgment, gossip, criticism of others, quickly changing contacts; garrulous, superficial, unfriendly, offensive, flighty.

I should add here that with the Round Art, many of the things in the ‘negative’ aspects can be controlled, in terms of the “these are things to watch out for” that we can counter with our own will and awareness.

Mercury conjunct Midheaven (Round Art):
intellectual profession, higher education, advancement through social contact, passion for knowledge, powerful intellect; studious, well-read, analytical, rational, well-informed.

Mercury sextile, trine, or quintile Midheaven (Round Art):
meditiating and reflecting, planning ahead, professional advancement, well-defined aims, serious attitude, rapid progress.

Mercury square or opposition Midheaven (Round Art):
many professions, overestimation of self, changing goals, indecision, vacillation, aimlessness, lack of self-criticism, dishonest practices; unstable, unmotivated.

All below is from Mapping Your Travels and Relocation:

Mercury Conjunct Asc.:
Your communication skills could increase exponentially. (Of course, you might also talk incessantly in this locale!) Flexibility, learning, intellectual curiosity and restlessness, and the need to know are all highlighted. You may talk or read more, or be more active in using your hands with increased dexterity. Your objectivity and observational skills could be sharpened, and you might discover you’re wittier (quicker on the uptake, with quips, comebacks, and rapid repartee) and that your thinking processes have speeded up.

Mercury Conjunct Desc. (or opposite Ascendant):
Communication is emphasized in relationships, and a meeting of the minds is likely. Too much talking (or too much listening) is possible; find a happy medium. A partner might be more flighty, scattered, or inclined to go off in many different directions. If you tend to undervalue your own intellectual abilities, this is a placement to avoid because you could view others as brighter and more articulate than yourself. Humor is likely to be featured in interpersonal exchanges, and contacts with others could help you develop more objectivity, logic, or lightheartedness.

Mercury Sextile or Trine Asc.:
You may find it easier to think, talk, write, reason, or deal with the mental world in this location, where objectivity and logic are strong assets. Your awareness could increase, along with dexterity, adaptability, and eye-mind-hand coordination. Listening skills are highlighted, as is the ability to communicate effectively. You could be noted for your public-speaking, writing, or other communication skills that emphasize one-on-one connections.

Mercury Square or Quincunx Asc.:
Communication blockages or barriers could develop here, where perhaps you feel your thinking is less clear or objective. There could be an imbalance between listening and talking in your relationships, and knowing when to think (or discuss) and when to act might be difficult. Sarcasm, arguments, or sharp verbal exchanges could increase, and multiple interests could pull you in too many directions. Your challenge is to accent flexibility and sharp thinking in ways that enhance your personal freedom and self-expression.

Mercury Conjunction MC (MC is another phrase for “Midheaven”)
You could bring more learning, thinking, communicating, logic, listening, talking, writing, dexterity, variety, commerce, media contacts, paperwork, or versatility into your career in this location. Your mind is apt to be more focused on issues of realism, responsibility, and reliability, and thus you might be more susceptible to your inner critic. But this also is an opportunity to broaden your perceptions of reality, to see more options. You can be very productive with your mind and may work at gathering or disseminating information. Facts and figures are more accessible to you. Dual careers (two at once) are one of your options here.

Mercury Sextile or Trine MC:
Your communication skills, flexibility, media contacts, commercial instincts, sociability, or multiple talents could all be professional assets. Your career might be advanced by relatives, other people you know, dexterity, writing, speaking, or intellect. You can deal well with paperwork, and excel at gathering information and passing it on to others in an effective manner. Objectivity, logic, and good problem-solving abilities are highlighted. Your perceptions are an important part of your contribution to society.

Mercury Square or Quincunx MC:
Thoughts and communication could trigger a clash with authority figures or the powers that be, or perhaps a lighthearted attitude competes with a sober, serious approach. Power struggles with relatives are possible. Too much or too little talking could be a professional issue, and challenges could arise over paperwork, adaptability, the media, or commercial interactions. Your logic and reasoning may differ from conventional wisdom. Professional duties may compete with your social life. Much mental restlessness or activity is possible in your vocational life, where your challenge is to use curiosity and intellectual skills to advance your status.

Mercury Opposition MC:
This locale highlights restlessness in the domestic realm. You may feel the urge to move more often, or to change things around within the nest. Boredom is closer to the surface; you seek variety and mental stimulation. This can lead to many short trips, discussions with the neighbors, people visiting, or doing lots of writing or teaching within or from your home. You might discover that your memory is better here, and your thoughts and feelings are likely to blend, one influencing the other. You also often provide reassurance to others through your words and ideas.

Maybe you have experienced one of these aspects of Mercury to the Ascendant or Midheaven, either by birth or relocation. You might wish to reflect on how true it might be, and if so, really try to absorb into your experience either presently or at the time. This holds true for your Mercury being in a specific house, also except there’s no “Maybe” — your Mercury was and always is in one of the 12 houses.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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