Changing Ascendant and Midheaven signs, per Mapping Your Travels

One of the ways to interpret the change in Ascendant or Midheaven signs, goes as follows: My birth Midheaven is Leo, it relocates to Cancer where I’ve lived for the last four years. My birth Midheaven characteristics are still, pretty much “there” but they are diminished somewhat and the Cancer qualities are more prominent.

We could use interpretations like The Round Art to nail down those changes. For example, one of the things pertaining to a Cancer midheaven, per the Round Art, is “thrift”. This is very easy to notice — since I’ve moved here, I’ve been much more conscious about how I spend my money. This is important. Another characteristic is “slow.” I noticed this kind of slowness in my thoughts, actions, and progress through life almost immediately since I got here.

Also, “dedicated.” I can sense my dedication to what I’m involved in — whether it be my work or a relationship. Frankly, all twelve of these Cancer Midheaven characteristics are worth looking at daily as a kind of daily affirmation.

What about Leo Midheaven characteristics, that are diminished, according to the theory? The things I supposedly “gave up” (but not entirely!) Well, it’s not entirely clear about characteristics like ‘optimism,’ ‘organized,’ ‘rigid,’ or ‘self-confidence’ (maybe I’m not documenting the ‘loss’ of those things, if that’s in fact what it is, since I’m too busy paying attention to other things?) But I can see that I’m significantly less interested in social climbing, and egotism seems to be less present.

I’m just one example. We all are dealing with our relocation ‘stuff,’ and, if you’ve relocated, you might want to catalog your old characteristics and reflect on how present they still are.

The Round Art is just one interpretation (although a good one). Mapping Your Travels takes a different approach. It could be termed as the ‘synthesis’ of the two locations. But not necessarily the way you think.

It combines the first location with the second location for both their Ascendant or Midheaven characteristics. So under Capricorn, for example, we have ‘Capricorn to Aries,’ ‘Capricorn to Taurus,’ etc. It has all 11 location changes for each of the 12 signs, or a total of 132 possible combinations, for both ascendant and midheaven.

It’s really a different philosophy than the shorthand I often use. And although I do not know how the authors (Martha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske, MA) came to their conclusions — what research they used — they seem sound to me. I want to highlight a few of the 132 combinations for both Asc & MC to highlight this.

Many readers here are American. Some are European. Either way, a lot of us don’t move very far from our birthplace because it may be a ‘bridge too far’ for us either psychically or in terms of what our finances will allow. We may stay in America, and European borders may be open enough (although l think they are getting less so) to allow people to move freely within the continent.

A few of us may be able to move all over the world without a problem. Nonetheless, most of us are going to move only one, or maybe two, Asc or MC positions from our birthplaces. So I’ll focus for the most part on that. Obviously I can’t list all 264 (132 x 2) positions, but I can focus on how they highlight the difference in tone with this new kind of interpretation, and you can look into it further for your own positions.

Ascendant: Scorpio to Libra
Intensity can be softened with diplomatic, tactful people-pleasing skills in this location, where relationships are in high focus and joint resources are an arena for discussion. Striving for and reaching comfortable compromise with others is highlighted; emphasize give-and-take with other people, professionally and personally. Sharing power is a signifcant motif.

But what if their Ascendant goes from Scorpio to Virgo?
Tenacity pays off with efficiency and productivity, and a do-or-die attitude serves you well in the workaday world, allowing you to hang in there and get the job done well. Self-critical tendencies might increase, so try not to become obsessed with your faults. Research and organizational skills are emphasized. Listen when partners encourage you to relax.

Let’s reverse this — Ascendant : Libra to Scorpio
You, the natural diplomat, become somewhat more ruthless and tenacious, and people-pleasing skills become less important than digging up the facts, both pleasant and unpleasant. You also might face and master the dark side of life. Both competition and cooperation are highlighted in relationships, which accent comfort and material success more than excitement.

And, Virgo to Scorpio
Your noted common sense acquires emotional overtones, and a practical attitude might be applied to the realm of intimacy and joint resources. Analytical ability and research skills are accentuated, but guard against a compulsive trait that emerges. Determined productivity is a keynote, and relationships bring in the polarity of comfort and relaxation. Enjoy the moment.

I have a friend who moved from Brisbane, Australia to the eastern U.S. Her ascendant moved from Aquarius to Cancer:
Your focus on freedom is softened by a desire for emotional conections, but some push/pull is possible between devotion to family versus friends, or nesting activities versus exploring the wider world. You can be innovative in domestic matters, and supportive and nurturing of each family member’s intellectual adventures. Power motifs are strong in relationships; avoid dominating or being dominated. Look for ways in which each person can be strong and in charge of his or her own arena.

I want to focus on a couple involving Capricorn. I tend to believe having an Ascendant in Capricorn highlights a kind of unhappiness, and I typically don’t recommend people move where their relocated ascendant becomes Capricorn. I want to see how that changes.

Ascendant: Capricorn to Sagittarius
A serious, sober, hard-working theme wanes, balanced by laughter, extroversion, and adventure. You’re eager to expand your horizons. Work is less a priority, and intellectual stimulation and new vistas become more important. Security in relationships also is less of a priority, while fresh ideas and insights become more important. You want bright partners who are good communicators.

Ascendant: Leo to Capricorn
Power issues are central, so finding a place to lead and take charge is vital. Your dramatic personal style becomes more disciplined and controlled, and, although love and romance remain important, ambition and accomplishment move up on the priority list. An attraction to independent, unconventional individuals shifts toward a desire for more safety and security in relationships.

Moving along to the Midheaven, I’ll start with my own.

Midheaven: Leo to Cancer
You’re likely to take fewer risks, and being center stage is less important here than is an established, secure professional base. You want professional safety. You may gravitate toward fields involving land, real estate, nurturing, protection, food, clothing, shelter, etc., and may work with family members. Your demeanor is warm and supportive. In your nest, the motif moves from an unconventional, freedom-loving focus to a cautious, careful, responsible one. Doing the right thing matters much.

Midheaven: Cancer to Leo
You’re ready to have a major impact in your career field! Leadership skills are highlighted, and you can sparkle and shine, bringing applause and admiration from others. You may be drawn to fields in the entertainment world, acting, recreation, creative arts, sales or promotion, or work with children or loved ones. Your natural warmth, caring, and protective instincts will be expressed in a more dramatic, visible fashion. On the home front, predictability becomes less important as you seek more excitement, stimulation, and change.

Let’s look at the Midheaven moving from one Earth sign to another.

Midheaven: Taurus to Virgo
You could end up working harder than ever before because getting results and doing things well matters so much to you. You may be drawn to fields that involve health, nutrition, healing, repairs, paperwork, facts, figures, analysis, technical matters, or any kind of improvement. Your efficiency quotient is high, and you can be quite organized, thorough, and effective. On the domestic front, sensitivity, emotions, and unconscious reactions are featured. High ideals about your home (and/or loved ones) are likely, and you may be motivated to make your domicile more attractive.

Let’s look at Midheaven: Aries to Pisces
You can bring more intuition and imagination into your vocational world, and visualization skills are apt to sharpen. You may be drawn to fields that involve beauty, mysticism, healing, compassion, or imagery, and you’re more likely to have high standards for your work and yourself as a worker. Your inner world becomes more important; you are not so quic to move into action. (Dreaming takes over from doing.) On the home front, a more pragmatic, “fix it” focus prevails. The emphasis is on getting the job done, and you and loved ones must be careful to keep a critical attitude directed toward the physical world and not toward one another.

A lot of relocation astrology pertains not to how the world changes when you move (although it does do some of that), but rather, how the new location changes you. In my consultations, I encourage everybody to focus on what they want for themselves. Who do you want to be? Is it possible?

Do you see yourself as able to not only and not necessarily adapt per se, but to mutate into something else you couldn’t have imagined at your own location except for what an interpretation says is possible. Given the world’s skepticism toward astrology, that’s a leap of faith, but it’s often a leap of faith worth pursuing.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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