Trade-offs (part 2)

Referring back to Saturday’s post, in this post I’m going to discuss some locations I have lived in, live in now, and are thinking, based on circumstances or observation, that I might like to live in, in the future. These locations are:

  • Pittsburgh, PA (where I lived from 1988-2016),
  • Denver, CO (where I have lived in since),
  • Oakland, CA (where I may have the opportunity to live in) and
  • Kihei, HI (where I’ve visited and which has some very positive vibes for me)

I’m going to start with midpoints for the four locations, and that will be the largest focus.

When I left my last real job in 2015, I had the means to visit two places. The first place was Hawaii, both on Maui and the Big Island, and the second place was Colorado, at the time Boulder. I visited Hawaii in April and Colorado in July. Afterwards I chose to try out, and eventually settle in, Colorado.

There were many reasons, most of them astrological. (Although, it will be said that I seriously wanted to live among mountains and also wanted to be more physically conditioned and acclimated to a higher altitude.) Some of those astrological reasons I alluded to in the last post. Midpoints tell another story, to wit:

  • Sun/Neptune (Ascendant) — A sensitive person, who will need to come to terms with any unfortunate experiences in life.
  • Moon/Mars (Midheaven) — An ambitious person anxious for worldly success. A very hard and persistent worker.
  • Moon/Midheaven (Neptune) — Difficulty in keeping in touch with the rat race. Tendency to worry extensively over work/career.
  • Mercury/Ascendant (Mars) — Will talk assertively, be determined and ambitious. High level of nervous and physical energy, rather restless.
  • Mercury/Midheaven (Neptune) — A varied and fascinating career, which may never end. When one amibition is achieved, it’s time to move on to the next.
  • Venus/Ascendant (Moon) — A much-loved person with strong maternal or paternal instincts.
  • Venus/Midheaven (Moon) — The individual will be kind and warm-hearted, and have a flair for caring. Moodiness could cause difficulties with colleagues. Sometimes an indication of fame.
  • Venus/Midheaven (Mercury) — Ability for selling. An effective communicator.
  • Mars/Pluto (Midheaven) — The career and ambitions take first place in the individual’s life, with energy concentrated on material progress. Emotional involvement with work is essential.
  • Mars/Ascendant (Pluto) — The tendency to take premature action. Thoughtless, aggressive behavior patterns.
  • Mars/Midheaven (Pluto) — A great deal of determination to be successful. Will move mountains to this end.
  • Jupiter/Ascendant (Midheaven) — A psychologically well-integrated individual. Balance is kept between personal life and ambitions and aspirations. An optimistic outlook.
  • Saturn/Ascendant (Midheaven) — One who will take the career and aspirations very seriously and be coldly ambitious, or who will crumble under the burdens in life.
  • Saturn/Midheaven (Jupiter) — The ability to simplify complex issues when working. A straightforward approach to problems.
  • Pluto/Ascendant (Mars) — The individual will enjoy risk-taking. A very volatile temper.
  • Pluto/Midheaven (Mars) — The need to be in a powerful position. The armed forces. Bravery.
  • Pluto/Midheaven (Neptune) — Attraction to mysticism — which might, or might not be beneficial.
  • Ascendant/Midheaven (Venus) — A very charming, affectionate person who may be somewhat unambitious, but with creative flair for fashion and beauty.
  • Midheaven/Node (Uranus) — A disruptive colleague who has good intentions.
  • Mars/Node (Ascendant) — The individual will get along well with other people and will make friends easily.

It should be noted that the Ascendant/Midheaven (third from the end) was over the 2 degree orb, but it seems accurate and relevant. I left a few of the midpoints out as they didn’t seem to deal with especially important themes.

I would say like with most of the different methods I use, this was about 80 percent accurate. I use my own situation in particular as an example of this specific method and this specific interpretation. I am asking you, rhetorically, would these influences be “worth it” for you? Well, let’s compare to Pittsburgh, which is the city I left behind:

  • Ascendant/Midheaven (Moon) — The subject will use instincts and intuition when coming to decisions about career and lifestyle.
  • Ascendant/Midheaven (Mercury) — A lively individual with a good mind that works in harmony with the personality and objectives.
  • Mercury/Ascendant (Venus) — Adds lightness and charm to the individual. Considerable desire to be with like-minded people.
  • Moon/Ascendant (Venus) — The ability easily to tune into partners’ needs and moods.
  • Venus/Ascendant (Mars) — A highly sexed individual who will get and give complete satisfaction to partners.
  • Neptune/Midheaven (Mars) — Poor powers of concentration — the mind will daydream, especially if in boring work. Interest in the occult and metaphysics.
  • Moon/Midheaven (Jupiter) — Someone who learns from experience and passes on knowledge gained. Sagelike qualities. A respected employee or team leader.
  • Uranus/Midheaven (Jupiter) — One who is optimistic and enthusiastic about career prospects.
  • Mars/Midheaven (Uranus) — A worker for workers’ rights. A union member.
  • Venus/Ascendant (Uranus) — A very glamorous and attractive individual whose need for independence conflicts with a need for partnerships.
  • Node/Ascendant (Neptune) — Someone who needs encouragement from friends if they are to make good use of a vivid imagination and/or mystic qualities.
  • Venus/Midheaven (Neptune) — One who needs and experiences many changes and different careers. A sensitive workmate but could be lacking in discipline and rule-keeping.
  • Sun/Ascendant (Neptune) — A mystic. Tendency to get out of touch with reality. Deceptiveness.
  • Jupiter/Midheaven (Pluto) — A successful person who might resort to ruthlessness to achieve ambitions.
  • Saturn/Midheaven (Pluto) — Success will come after great effort and considerable sacrifice in the personal life.
  • Saturn/Midheaven (Ascendant) — A cautious, plodding individual who will eventually become successful.
  • Uranus/Midheaven (Node) — The ability to goad other people into action with dynamic appeal.
  • Uranus/Node (Ascendant) — The person will have a great many friends and acquaintances who will never really know him or her.
  • Mars/Jupiter (Ascendant) — An assertive person who won’t let the grass grow underfoot.
  • Sun/Uranus (Ascendant) — Unpredictable tendencies. Stubbornness. Unusual outlook on life.
  • Jupiter/Neptune (Ascendant) — Whatever the Ascending sign, these planets will soften its characteristics, adding kindness and a touch of unworldliness.
  • Mercury/Pluto (Ascendant) — The tendency to think very seriously about the self and psychological problems, without necessarily coming to any concrete solutions.
  • Mars/Saturn (Ascendant) — Advancement in life comes in fits and starts due to inability to control energy flow.
  • Moon/Pluto (Ascendant) — A powerful response to any siutation in life that stirs the individual’s emotions.
  • Moon/Uranus (Midheaven) — An indication of fame — which, pop-starlike, may not last. Will succumb badly to stressful working conditions.
  • Neptune/Ascendant (Midheaven) — The objectives in life will be altruistic but out of touch with reality. Many changes in the professional and personal life.
  • Jupiter/Node (Midheaven) — Popularity at work. A good boss who has a great sense of humor under all situations.
  • Sun/Jupiter (Midheaven) — A happy and fulfilled individual. Success in the career. Perhaps acting/dramatic ability.

There are some positive things here, and in fact I did not look up the relocations to Pittsburgh until more than a year after I arrived in Denver. The reason for that was because I was looking at my birth midpoints. I was born in New York City, and thought that was close enough to Pittsburgh that I never considered that it was about 6 degrees away in longitude, with an ascendant 4 1/2 degrees away. In fact very few of the midpoints carried over.

So it came as a shock that there were so many things that I left behind. I do want to touch on a few that I am glad to have left behind:

  • Moon/Uranus (Midheaven) — An indication of fame — which, pop-starlike, may not last. Will succumb badly to stressful working conditions.
  • Uranus/Node (Ascendant) — The person will have a great many friends and acquaintances who will never really know him or her.
  • Saturn/Midheaven (Pluto) — Success will come after great effort and considerable sacrifice in the personal life.

These are three very important negatives. Still, you may wonder whether it was worth it to me to leave.

I’ll wait to post Hawaii and Oakland, CA because I want to spend the rest of the time answering the question as to whether it was worth it. In my last post I mentioned Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the moon either changing signs or making aspects (in the case of Pluto) to the Midheaven. I also mention my ascendant and midheaven both moving back one sign.

I never discussed what it means to now have a Cancer midheaven. Things it means, per the Round Art (A.T. Mann), include:

simplicity, tactfulness, modesty, thrift; responsible, concerned, conservative, dedicated, emotional, slow, clinging, avaricious.

This would hold true for Denver and Oakland, CA, but not Pittsburgh (Leo midheaven) and not Hawaii (Gemini midheaven).

The following was something I didn’t see until three years after I moved to Colorado. It was something I learned about in my Vibrational Astrology program. The following Astro Maps — specifically Treasure Maps. These are David Cochrane’s interpretations. The following is the Excitement and Instability map.

Excitement and Instability

This uses aspects to Uranus — in Pittsburgh’s case, the Sun/Uranus midpoint rising going right through Pittsburgh on a diagonal, and the Uranus 45 degrees from the Midheaven going just to the east of Pittsburgh as a vertical line. Excitement and Instability means about what it says, and most people would find it not so pleasant to live there.

The instability I experienced mostly had to do with the way the social milieu, the social space, the public, was, around me. When groups of people seem to behave in a way that makes you think that your place, station, or psychic space is unstable, it becomes problematic. And I lived there for 28 years without even realizing it was abnormal.

The next is the Friendship and Family, detailed:

Friendship & Family, detailed

This is to be distinguished from Friendship & Family, which only includes anything where Venus or the Moon is involved. This includes most of the planets making harmonious aspects — noviles, to be precise.

Friendship & Family, detailed are locations with some sort of comfort level involved. You can see that it includes most of the map, including Denver; but notably, there’s a big gaping white space where Pittsburgh is. Again, I didn’t know of this map until long after I left Pittsburgh, but it sure makes sense now.

Pittsburgh, also, is within about 250 miles of my Mars IC line, which goes right through Pennsylvania. Some astrologers like David Cochrane think that’s too far, while others disagree. But my workshop in Florida, less than a month before I moved, was telling.

I mentioned to someone who worked in astrocartography that I was close to my Mars IC line. He said, “That’s really bad.” I told him I felt like I was sinking. He said, “And it’s going to get worse every year.” I’d been there 28 years. My workouts, in particular, were getting weaker and weaker — I barely had the emotional strength to keep going. I wasn’t sleeping well most of the time. I looked like a wreck. Sometimes your body and mind will just tell you when it’s time to move on.

I’ll cover Hawaii and Oakland, CA in the next post.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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