Interesting interpretation about ‘changing’ your Ascendant or Midheaven

I’ve quoted from this book before — Mapping Your Travels and Relocation by Maritha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske, MA. The book is one of what I think are a very few sources to be thoughtful enough to discuss changing ascendants or changing midheavens.

In other words, they have two sections in the book — ascendant and midheaven — with subsections for each of the twelve signs and eleven entries for each of the signs that the sign could change to. There’s a possible 132 (12 x 11) combinations for both the ascendant and midheaven. I touched on a few random ones in the article on June 16. (I’ll touch on some more here.)

I’m going to excerpt a bit from the June article, though. As it were:

We could use interpretations like The Round Art to nail down those changes. For example, one of the things pertaining to a Cancer midheaven, per the Round Art, is “thrift”. This is very easy to notice — since I’ve moved here, I’ve been much more conscious about how I spend my money. This is important. Another characteristic is “slow.” I noticed this kind of slowness in my thoughts, actions, and progress through life almost immediately since I got here.


I’m just one example. We all are dealing with our relocation ‘stuff,’ and, if you’ve relocated, you might want to catalog your old characteristics and reflect on how present they still are.

The Round Art is just one interpretation (although a good one). Mapping Your Travels takes a different approach. It could be termed as the ‘synthesis’ of the two locations. But not necessarily the way you think.

It combines the first location with the second location for both their Ascendant or Midheaven characteristics. So under Capricorn, for example, we have ‘Capricorn to Aries,’ ‘Capricorn to Taurus,’ etc. It has all 11 location changes for each of the 12 signs, or a total of 132 possible combinations, for both ascendant and midheaven.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I have three 12-sided dice to work with. One of the dice has each of the ten planets plus the North Node and South Node (if I was going to critique I’d say replace the South Node with Chiron, or the Ascendant, or the Midheaven — and that begs the question, if we wanted to include the major asteroids, would we need an 18-side die? Is that even possible to make?)

One of the dice has the twelve signs.

The final die has numbers 1-12 to designate the houses.

Yes, you can purchase these dice online and they’re beautiful to look at. Have fun with them!

So what I’m going to do is simply role the die with the signs, twice. That way we’ll get randomly generated Ascendants and Midheavens.

I’ll do about half a dozen for each, starting with the Ascendant:

Aquarius to Taurus
A mental focus is grounded in the practical world. You put ideas to work, or earn money from them. Independence and excitement take a back seat to security and comfort, and loyalty and determination are accented. Your task is to maintain the status quo while embracing progress. Partners encourage you to share, and quality time is emphasized. Give priority to relationship issues.

Sagittarius to Pisces
Idealism is intensified, but you may feel torn between a blunt, honest approach and the desire to be kind — to save people’s feelings with “polite lies.” You are likely to seek personal, mystical experiences or look for answers about ultimate meaning. Self-expectations are apt to be high (perhaps too high), and moderation could be a challenge. Mental mastery and a drive for competence are featured in relationships.

Aquarius to Cancer
Your focus on freedom is softened by a desire for emotional connections, but some push/pull is possible between devotion to family versus friends, or nesting activities versus exploring the wider world. You can be innovative in domestic matters, and supportive and nurturing of each family member’s intellectual adventures. Power motifs are strong in relationships; avoid dominating or being dominated. Look for ways in which each person can be strong and in charge of his or her own arena.

Sagittarius to Capricorn
You can achieve more follow-through by adding an element of focus and concentration to your natural confidence. In this location you learn to bring your visions into material form by working in practical, productive ways to manifest your dreams. If the judgmental potential of Capricorn is overdone, you could feel frustrated. Safety is a higher priority in relationships.

Gemini to Scorpio
Increased intensity is likely, and deeper self-analysis is probable as a desire for variety gives way to a determination to see things through and to be thorough. Communication could take on a sarcastic, biting edge, and curiosity about taboo subjects and hidden matters increases. Priorities in relationships shift from escapades, travel, and inspiration to sensual pleasures, comfort and stability.

Pisces to Libra
You have strong aesthetic inclinations in this location and could become more physically attractive. Here, you prefer harmony and ease, and are susceptible to taking the easy way out, as well as being in love with love and overly romantic. You are likely to attract people who know what they want and seem tougher than you are, and you can adopt almost any persona to please people.

Now, on to the Midheaven (which tends to be about career):

Cancer to Taurus
Stability and comfort are priorities in the vocational realm. You will want emotional safety as well as financial security. You may find ways to get more pleasure (or money) from what you do professionally, or you could be drawn to fields involving material possessions, finances, sensual indulgences, the earth, or relaxation and comfort. Domestically, the focus remains pragmatic and detached. Working from or in the home is possible. (Family members could also be a part of your career.) Common sense is accentuated.

Capricorn to Scorpio
You can be a natural leader here, directing events with both clear organizational skills and more subtle cues, maneuvering people emotionally. You have a knack for understanding people’s needs even when they’re not well articulated. Financial skills are probably, business ability is likely, and determination and follow-through are highlighted. You have a good blend of common sense and intuition, and can combine them for optimum results, successfully handling the toughest of tasks. Status is less tied to authority figures (parents) and more to mates and intimate partners. On the home front, the emphasis is on seeking security, comfort, and a relaxed, familiar feeling. Your home should be a have from the driving and striving that is indicated in the workplace.

Scorpio to Pisces
You’re attuned to hidden matters in your work and can sense what people are feeling (but not saying) and identify covert agendas and manipulative moves. You’re also likely to become even more sensitive and empathic about what is going on around you in the workplace. Visualization skills are stronger. High standards are likely, but don’t demand more than is humanly possible (of yourself or others). In the realm of home and family, the focus is on common sense, stability, and pragmatism.

Gemini to Pisces
Setting into one vocational choice is apt to be a challenge. You have multiple talents and high ideals and may yearn for that perfect, “happily ever after career that does not exist. Choose one (or two) fields to pursue even if they’re not as inspirational as you would like. You can excel in healing professions, with beauty or aesthetics, in visualization, or using your communication skill to uplift others or make a better world. You probably can blend logic and intuition well, and flexibility is one of your strengths. Domestically, the emphasis moves from visions and dreams to pragmatism, facing facts, and working hard.

Leo to Libra
Relationships move up on the priority list, and you might work with a partner or in people-oriented fields. You can be quite charming, magnetic, sociable, and attractive, able to both lead and cooperate effectively with a team. Creative and artistic pursuits are favored. On the home front, independence and adventure are highlighted. Family members are apt to go their own way, and you’re likely to be active and eager to try new things.

Leo to Taurus
An increased desire for stability and comfort on the job is likely, and you may look for ways to earn more money, or have a more relaxed work setting. Your natural charisma and dramatic talents remain, but you’re more interested in what is established and reliable. (Risk-taking moves down the priority list.) Your endurance and dedication are excellent. On the home front, strong wills are highlighted. A casual, individualistic focus shifts toward more emotional intensity and a tendency to delve deeply into issues.

That’s it for today.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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