Mars, per house placements (aspects to come later)

My last post, before discussing the Moon much as we’re going to discuss Mars today, went into some of my issues with what my Mars placement (4th house) has been since 1988 — even moving from Pittsburgh to Denver didn’t change it. Moving to the west coast would put it in my 5th house (out of fall) and moving to Hawaii (which I am considering, for reasons deserving of a post of its own) would move it to my 6th house.

I find 6th house/Virgo Mars highly interesting and attractive, and no doubt an improvement over 4th house/Cancer Mars, of which you’ll see very shortly.

And you know the drill. I’ll be covering both Mapping Your Travels and Relocation (Maritha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske, MA) as well as the Round Art (A.T. Mann). These are among the best interpretations in my opinion, but you may have your own that you consider better, so consider having them around as you look around at what’s below.

The standard disclaimer applies: Try not to relocate somewhere unless you’ve actually been to the place at least once. Try to observe yourself in the context of the interpretations that you should bring with you to the location. (That is what I did five years ago before moving here). Once your trip is over, reflect on the changes you saw and what’s in the interpretation for a while. Look at all the interpretations you can. You will find many of them in this blog as well as the sources they came from.

What is Mars? What does the planet do?

David Cochrane discusses Mars as being the planet that regulates how we want to achieve things, how what sign the planet is in and (especially) what aspects that Mars makes to other planets, whether in the natal chart or any other harmonic chart (9th harmonic, 17th harmonic, etc. — all of these harmonics, or vibrations, have their own themes that are worth reviewing in a future post, although I’ve written and posted about that topic to an extent before).

Per Mapping Your Travels: Mars is a key to physical energy and vitality, and represents independence, initiative, courage, and forthright behavior. Mars also symbolizes competition, warfare, self-centeredness, and impulsivity. Moving to an area where Mars is strong in your chart could be very helpful for sports training, strengthening your muscles and physical body, taking charge of your life, breaking loose from entanglements, and focusing on yourself. When Mars principles are overemphasized, however, people can fight and argue a lot, suffer from burnout, anger easily, or become too self-oriented.

Mars can also have to do with physical energy and desires to our egos and how we deal with (or don’t deal with) our anger. I often focus on ego, since it’s such a problematic thing sometimes, and although Cochrane didn’t focus on it, I do apply my theory that a planet in a high degree has a more mature expression of that planet, and that’s incredibly true for Mars, regardless of what sign it’s in. I was lucky enough to be born with Mars at a very high degree (26 Aquarius) and often, but not always, associate with people with Mars in high degrees.

But we are talking about Mars in the houses — which is an entirely different subject (I suspect nobody’s analyzed Mars by how many degrees into a house Mars happens to be in, but I could be wrong!)

Here goes. Mapping Your Travels comes first for each placement.

Mars in the 1st house:
Mars in the relocated first house is an advantage if you want more physical energy, to compete in sports, or to develop more initiative, independence, or a pioneering spirit. However, if strife, conflict, or irritation already come easily to you, this is probably a placement to avoid.

fighting spirit, ambition, destructive urge, quick temper, quarrelsome, impulsiveness; independent, domineering, adventurous, macho, brutal, irascible, courageous, insatiable, coarse.
(Mars rules the 1st house).

Mars in the 2nd house:
With Mars in the relocated second house, you devote more energy to the pursuit of money, possessions, and other material goods. This placement also accents your sensuality, and can help you develop more endurance and cultivate more patience and perseverance.

capacity for work, practical abilities, foresight, executive ability, earning power, persistence; materialistic, acquisitive, irritable, intense, passionate, vindictive, surly, productive.
(Mars is in detriment in the 2nd house.)

Mars in the 3rd house:
With Mars in the relocated third house, you can sharpen your wits, develop a comedic bent, become more active in the neighborhood, declare your independence from siblings, or encourage physical dexterity and flexibility. Be cautious, though; in this location your words can become weapons-biting, ironic, sarcastic, and hurtful to others.

mobility, mental energy, biting criticism, sarcasm, scattered energy, mockery; hasty, nervous, talkative, michievous, restless, quarrelsome, cynical, irreverent.

Mars in the 4th house:
When Mars is in the relocated fourth house, you could be more active in the home environment, stir things up in your domestic realm, challenge family members, or take the initiative to nurture and protect loved ones. If family members easily spark irritability-or anger-however, you might want to bypass this location.

intense emotions, temper tantrums, troubled home-life, lacks persistence, accidents; impulsive, instinctual, bold, ambitious, irritable, sensuous.
(Mars is in fall in the 4th house.)

Mars in the 5th house:
If you want to encourage your dramatic instincts, creativity, or ability to shine, Mars in the relocated fifth house can help you succeed. You might receive more personal recognition, or become more active with children, love affairs, the entertainment world, speculation, or activities involving excitement, risk, or potential financial gain.

formative power, zeal, ardour, egotism, ambition, ambling, ruthlessness; self-assured, responsible, fearless, audacious, possessive, domineering, frank, brutal, determined, speculative, macho.

Mars in the 6th house:
When Mars is in the relocated sixth house, you want to be more personally and professionally productive and effective, and be of service to others. You may utilize more of your initiative and pioneering spirit on the job, but if you tend to be self-critical or work to excess, this is an inadvisable move.

business, detail work, compulsive organizing and arranging, exploitation, adaptation; scientific, orderly, irrtable, nervous, astute, materialistic, tidy, critical, edgy.

Mars in the 7th house:
Added sex appeal, action, and liveliness in your partnerships are possible with Mars in the relocated seventh house. But there’s also more competition, or arguing, if issues of self-centeredness arise in relationships. The balancing act between assertion and cooperation is featured. If you tend to give your power to other people, this is an inadvisable placement.

urge to associate, team-work, male partner, the law, rivalry, enmity, entangled affections, passionate love, separations, controlled by opposite sex; ardent, idealistic, professional, impulsive, frank.
(Mars is in detriment in the 7th house.)

Mars in the 8th house:
Mars in the relocated eighth house can be beneficial if you want more emotional intensity or emphasis on sexuality or shared resources. In this location you can take the initiative to look beneath the surface of life, be courageous, or confront deep-seated or subconscious issues. Avoid this placement if you and your partner disagree about finances.

survival instinct, power mania, ambition, ruthlessness, violence, destruction, sexual energy, dissipation; brutal, sadistic, danger-loving, forceful, irresistable, indestructible.
(Mars rules the 8th house.)

Mars in the 9th house:
When Mars is in the relocated ninth house, you want more adventures and are interested in knowledge and in exploring and seeing the world. You also could be very active in education, religion, philosophy, other cultures, or those things that bring enlightenment and broaden your horizons. Self-confidence and extraversion could increase.

love of contest and sport, need to convince others, extravagance; impetuous, adventurous, frank, mobile, argumentative, brave, unconventional, tactless, hasty, competitive.

Mars in the 10th house:
Mars in the relocated tenth house can help you take charge of your career, fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations, and generate more action, leadership, or independence in your vocation. If you’re inclined to butt heads with bosses, this is a placement to avoid. High energy, accomplishments, and increased status are accentuated.

ambition, success, zeal, self-reliance, authority, executive ability, prominence; sober, industrious, acquisitive, enterprising, heroic, bold, energetic, determined, directed, independent, defiant.
(Mars is exalted in the 10th house.)

Mars in the 11th house:
When Mars is in the relocated eleventh house, you’re eager to become more active in groups, organizations, or humanitarian causes, or with friends. Your willingness to fight for progress could increase, and you may be avid in your exploration of fresh opportunities where you can be a leader. Independence is highlighted.

male friends, new methods, reform, team-work, compulsive joining, disagreements among friends; high-spirited, contradictory, inconstant, superficial, enthusiastic.

Mars in the 12th house:
Mars in the relocated twelfth house is a plus if you’re interested in meditation, fighting for a spiritual cause, or putting lots of energy into compassionate or philanthropic activities. You may develop the ability to put grace into motion (dancing, skating, tai chi, etc.). Personal ideals are highlighted. You seek the best for yourself and others.

lack of energy, procrastination, working silently or without recognition, dissipation, sexual fantasies, revelling, depravity, drugs and alcohol; romantic, easily tempted, poisonous, secretive, occult.

Do you wish to trade one house for another?

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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