Neptune house placements

We’re almost all the way through the major planets (yes, you will find that most astrologers do still consider Pluto to be a major planet — the evidence of what Pluto does is staring us in the face), although we haven’t covered Chiron or Ceres or any of the trans-Neptunian planets or asteroids.

Neptune is a very interesting planet. It conjures up themes of mysticism, spirituality, imagination, one’s dream (whether it involves higher value or not). On the other side, it pertains to deception, illusion, drugs & alcohol — this last item is very interesting to me as I am a user of psilocybin as medicine, which I would classify as a benefic UNLIKE more nefarious drugs like meth or heroin. What’s being referred to when we conjure up Neptune for that topic? Your opinion on what Neptune refers to here is as good as mine.

In any case, Neptune is considered to be a more challenging planet by many — perhaps the second most challenging planet after Saturn. So, for example, the Round Art has some pretty damning things to say about a Mars/Neptune adverse aspect (like a square), or a Neptune square the Midheaven — but at least that latter we have some control over as if we have it in our birth chart or a location we live in now, as many of us have the ability to move.

As this is about relocation astrology, Neptune will act differently depending on what house you have it in. I use the same interpretive tools — Mapping Your Travels & Relocation (Martha Pottenger & Kris Brandt Riske, MA, Llewellyn), as well as Correpondence Tables from the Round Art (A.T. Mann, Vega Books). There are many other books you can read for these interpretations.

The Correspondence Tables are also good as A.T. Mann’s theory (which I mostly subscribe to) is that a planet’s being in a house is equivalent to its being in its corresponding sign. So as you read down know that Neptune in the 8th house is the same as the generation born with Neptune in Scorpio, which means that if you have Neptune in the 8th house, you can somewhat identify with our (1956/58-1971/72) generation!

Notice, too, how the signs color the planets as you read the interpretation, especially the Round Art. Is Neptune in the 5th house what you expected, given what you know of Neptune and what you know of the 5th house?

Mapping Your Travels will be listed first.

Neptune in the 1st house:
With Neptune in the relocated first house, you can increase personal grace, beauty, charisma, and artistic ability. Imagination and inspiration are accented. However, physical sensitivity could increase, especially to drugs, alcohol, and environmental influences. This placement also signals adaptability and the talent to “fit in” in almost any situation.

inspired realizations, insanity, highly sensitive, long journeys, addictions, aimlessness; unselfish, mystical, confused, intense, imaginative, uncontrolled.

Neptune in the 2nd house:
Neptune in the relocated second house can fulfill your wish if you want to make more money through art, visualization, compassion, or other inspired pursuits. Financial hunches can be profitable here, but deception is also possible. If income or money management is an issue, this location is probably one to avoid.

form sense, good taste, speculation, ill luck, receptivity, luxury, indolence; soft-hearted, impractical, imaginative, addictable (drugs, nicotine, etc.), patient, aesthetic.

Neptune in the 3rd house:
When Neptune is in the relocated third house, your imagination is an asset, especially in writing, speaking, and hands-on projects. This placement could help you achieve greater fluency in other languages or inspire a gift for singing, song writing, or poetry. Deception could affect your relationships with siblings, relatives, and neighbors.

sensitivity, sense of humor, weak memory, whimsy; fantastical, sprightley, fey, confused, imaginative, mystical, vague, untruthful, scattered-brained, unrealistic.

Neptune in the 4th house:
Neptune in the relocated fourth house can be a positive influence if you desire a home near water or one that functions as your personal sanctuary. Emotional sensitivity, faith, and inspiration could increase. But if a family member has a drug or alcohol problem or sees you as a rescuer, this is probably a placement to avoid.

inspiration, sensitivity, compassion, spiritualism, discontent, anxiety, changes of residence, soul-suffering; emotional, addictable, imaginative, refined, self-sacrificial, unstable, spiritual, psychic.

Neptune in the 5th house:
When Neptune is in the relocated fifth house, you can earn more recognition for your imagination or compassion, and share dreams with children and loved ones. Creativity is heightened, and an artistic hobby could become a source of income. If you’re a parent, nurture your children’s creativity and talk with them about drugs and alcohol.

enthusiasm, love of beauty, peculiar or clandestine pleasures, acting, scandal, self-glorification, gambling, seduction, theatre and opera; wasteful, theatrical, pretentious, lavish.
(Neptune is exalted in the 5th house).

Neptune in the 6th house:
If you want to turn your job-related dreams into reality, Neptune in the relocated sixth house can further your goal. This placement favors artists, craftspeople, helpers, and healers. Here, you can be idealistic and practical, assist the less fortunate, and work to make the world a better or more beautiful place. Avoid this placement if you tend to have mysterious ailments, low energy, or chronic health problems.

intuitive understanding, healing powers, hypochondria, chemistry, botany, planning, pathological sensitivity, seclusion, weak psyche; gentle, patient, discreet, deceitful, addictable.
(Neptune is in detriment in the 6th house.)

Neptune in the 7th house:
When Neptune is in the relocated seventh house, you want to create a relationship that flows with beauty and harmony. This can manifest as love and romance, along with shared ideals and a tendency to see the best in each other. On the downside, deception, lies, illusion, or addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc.) can be a problem in partnerships.

receptivity, refined feelings, easily attracted, platonic love, romanticism, love disappointments, odd relation of self to public; idealistic, dreamy, tender, poetic, seducible sympathetic, sweet.

Neptune in the 8th house:
Neptune in the relocated eighth house increases the potential for sacred sexuality-exchanges that are deeply sensual as well as spiritual. Empathy and compassion may rule where shared resources are concerned, but on a less positive level, using and abusing one another or lies and confusion are possible, especially with money and sex.

subconscious forces, keen senses, metaphysics, wrong-doing, soul-sickness, depression, drugs, debauch; secretive, emotional, seducible, mediumistic, escapist, perverted.

Neptune in the 9th house:
When Neptune is in the relocated ninth house, you want mystical and inspirational experiences, especially through nature, philosophy, or uplifting ideas. You may put more value on travel, education, or truth seeking. Some tension is likely when honesty clashes with idealism and results in “little white lies.” Be true to yourself and your beliefs.

presentiment, clairvoyance, travel, idealism, over-active mind, lack of discrimination, dreams, visions; mystical, prophetic, religious, literary, over-sensitive, vague, unrealistic.

Neptune in the 10th house:
Neptune in the relocated tenth house can help you bring more beauty, compassion, or imagination into your professional life. Perhaps it’s time to follow your dream and pursue a new career. However, try to avoid this placement if your norm is deceptive or confused bosses or jobs thatdissolve and disappear.

deep research, meditation, strange objectives, religious problems, family troubles, psychic experiences, scandal, notoriety; mysterious, crooked, deceptive, depressive, underhanded.

Neptune in the 11th house:
With Neptune in the relocated eleventh house, you can develop friendships based on ideals and dreams, and humanitarian instincts may be heightened. Too much compassion, however, can lead to codependency. Art, beauty, or mystical matters may be the focus of discussion and activities with groups, organizations, and friends.

strange attractions, search for soul unions, dependent on others, noble aims, idealism, unfounded hopes, wild enthusiasm; helpless, drifting, deluded, insincere, easily swayed, fraudulent.
(Neptune is in fall in the 11th house.)

Neptune in the 12th house:
If you seek a deeper connection to universal truths, yearn for more mystical experiences, or want to increase your psychic ability, Neptune in the relocated twelfth house can open the pathway. Heightened compassion and sensitivity are possible. Or you might feel confused, lost in fantasy, or caught up in habit patterns or the lies of others.

art, reverie, reserve, mysticism, inner life, craving for alcohol, nicotine, etc., subject to externals; mediumistic, neurotic, contemplative, over-emotional, escapist, rhapsodic, broad-minded, vague.
(Neptune rules the 12th house.)

I’ll be posting interpretations of aspects that Neptune can make to the Ascendant or Midheaven:

Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant:
You could become more graceful and physically attractive (enhance your appearance) in this location. Aesthetic abilities may increase, and a talent for grace in action (beautiful sports such as dancing, skating, tai chi, etc.) is highlighted. You may instinctively do the right thing at the right time, having been led by your inner wisdom. You are likely to be more sensitive physically and should be extra careful with drugs and alcohol. You may feel more imaginative, idealistic, intuitive, or confused, lost in fantasy, or prone to illusions and misconceptions. You could develop a more personal interest in healing or other compassionate pursuits.

gullibility, deceived by others, sensitivity, insincerity, dishonesty, a misguided outlook; impressionable, weak, deluded, unreliable, unstable, vague, sentimental, flowery, gentle, kindly.

Neptune Quintile, Sextile or Trine Ascendant or Descendant:
Your imaginative, compassionate side serves you well here. Perhaps your “invisible antenae” pick up vital impressions. Perhaps your idealistic, philanthropic instincts find favor in the eyes of others. Perhaps you do more with your creative imagination and artistic abilities. You also might do more rescuing or charitable work — aiding the less fortunate, ill, or downtrodden. Your faith an mystical connection to something higher could provide personal support, and you could be led to do the right thing at the right time. Your courage is fed by your faith, visions, and dreams, and you enjoy venturing into other dimensions, alternate aspects of reality.

sympathy, compassion, refinement, unusual contacts; idealistic, easily led, romantic, sensitive, ingenuous, kind, understanding, unrealistic, artistic, responsive.

Neptune Opposite the Ascendant:
Romance is in the air, and fairy tales reign supreme. The quest for a perfece, idyllic love is alive and well. This combination can seek (and imagine) the best in others, and can be in love with love or disillusioned when the rose-colored glasses come off. Fantasies of perfection and “happily ever after” could abound. Compassion is accentuated, and you might try to rescue partners from drugs, alcohol, illness, etc. If we expect other people to bring us “heaven on earth,” we will be let down. This motif is best handled by sharing artistic interests and talents with others, or through philanthropic endeavors, mystical interests, and inspired activities.

Covering opposite, quincunx and square Ascendant: inability to succeed, influenced by others, betrayals, weak constitution, dishonesty; confused, disappointed, escapist, moody, insincere, fraudulent, hypocritical.

Neptune Square or Quincunx Ascendant:
Your physical sensitivity could increase here, so be extra careful with drugs, alcohol, and anything you put in your body. You may find it easier to succumb to “poor me” feelings (a victim attitude) and could be susceptible to feeling tired, drained, and overwhelmed. Excessive idealism (yearning for the impossible dream) can lead to disappointments. You might wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, inviting people to take advantage of you. You can become more graceful and attractive in this area, and you may become more active in creating beauty, sometimes literally with your physical body. Compassion is apt to increase. Your challenge is to find a happy medium between self-assertion and self-sacrifice.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven:
In this area, you might gravitate toward fields that feature art, beauty, compassion, healing, escapism, or imagination. You could work in professions with magical, mystical, or visionary elements, and authority figures might be inspirational, sensitive, confused, sympathetic, or inclined to run away from reality. If the idealistic component of this combination is overdone, you could be disappointed and disillusioned in your professional choices. Careers may seem to dissolve, or you chronically search for that “perfect” situation that does not exist. The professional victim is one negative option. On the positive side, you can bring visions into form in an artistic medium. You could make the world better through helping people, particularly the downtrodden or less fortunate. You could offer people a glimpse of something higher, a transcendent experience.

scandal, notoriety, plans without action, exalted notions, self-deception, depressive psychoses, strange or artistic profession; mystical, idealistic, insecure, deluded, misunderstood.

Neptune Quintile, Sextile, or Trine Midheaven:
Your imagination, artistic abilities, intuition, or compassion could advance your career or enhance your status. Your graceful style may appeal to authority figures, and you can inspire the powers that be. You’re able to bring the transcendent and mystical into form in the material world, and artistic and healing skills flow easily into tangible results. You probably know when to go with the flow and when to take charge and direct the action. Visualization skills could be an important vocational asset.

longing for the impossible, unusual pursuits, selflessness, interest in the supernatural, films, music; soft-hearted, sentimental, utopian, otherworldly.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven:
You might find a home by the water in this location, or the ideal, lovely, and beautiful home. You will probably want your home to be a sanctuary, a safe retreat and arena from which you can shut out the world if you wish. A serene, attractive domestic environment is important. You will be more sensitive to where you live and the people (and pets) with whom you live, so surrounding yourself with positive influences is extra important. This combination can denote a “mother/savior” tendency whereby you give, and give, and give (too much) to other people in trying to help, heal, or make it all better for them. Problems with drugs, alcohol, or fantasy are possible for you and/or family members. Illusions and lies can be part of the downside. On the positive side, your creative imagination will be more fruitful. You can establish a richer spiritual life and share your idealism and visions with those closest to you.

Covering Opposite, Square, Quincunx: vague objectives, ill luck, lack of contact with reality, misguided notions, easily deceived, inferiority complex, mental disturbance; weak, unstable, hyper-sensitive.

Neptune Square or Quincunx Midheaven:
Your dreams and visions are apt to conflict with those of authority figures. Perhaps your perceptions of reality are truly different. Perhaps one (or both) of you has problems with drugs, alcohol, or fantasy. You are likely to feel torn between romantic, idealistic dreams and paying attention to the bottom line, and may be unsure when to dissolve boundaries and when to take control and work firmly within the limits. Your urge to help and heal others could be a professional asset, or could result in you feeling drained and exhausted. Your challenge is to find a healthy outlet for your desire to be inspired and uplifted, and to bring your dreams into form in the material world.

Neptune lines will be covered soon; and, I promised a review of Treasure Maps (developed by David Cochrane in his Sirius program), since they’re so crucial to a relocation reading.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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