North Node house placements

This will be a quick post. I am skipping over Chiron for now as a planet but there will be ample opportunity to at least discuss Chiron lines, as Time Passages supplies that. Instead, I’ll be focusing on the North Node.

As far as house placements, the North Node is not covered by Mapping Your Travels and Relocation. It is, however, covered by the Round Art, so I’ll be using that today.

There is so much one could say about the North Node — MANY books have been written, and many more books feature the North Node prominently.

I like Jan Spiller’s Astrology for the Soul — a book that came out originally in 1997. I like that, for the twelve chapters she presents, she acknowledges that the house can be read as much as the sign — and most people will have two to work with. When I first got to Colorado in 2016, I was confused and couldn’t figure out whether I should read the fourth house or the fifth house. In the end it ends up as a matter of personal choice. We add to our possibilities when we move, as long as we are sufficiently prepared.

I’ll be covering North Node lines sooner rather than later. Those are always very revealing — living near a nodal line is thought to be very profound, the question is whether a house placement is just as profound. I relocated my North Node from my 4th house to my 5th house when moving out west 5 years ago. Here is what it says for that:
Lunar North Node in the Fifth House (or sign). South Node in the eleventh house or sign. This placement gives a personality with a focus on being recognized and admired for the personal creativity that you manifest. You are fortunate in this lifetime, for few people have the capacity, as you do, of actually making your dreams come true. You are engaged in a life-long process of concretizing your thought images, turning the products of your extraordinarily clever intellect into actual manifestation in the world. In the past, or in past lifetimes, you specialized in ideals and imaginings, without giving much thought to working these out in the real world. But as you get on with your life’s journey you find that actually manifesting these thought forms becomes more and more your focus. When you are on your true path, you find that you must act and create, for in acting you give form to the otherwise formless and ideal, and in so doing fulfill your destiny.

You can see from the above one major reason I came here and one reason I would be reluctant to leave. And yes, those Time Passages interpretations are very revealing when it comes to the North Node. If you would like to order a Time Passages report (the first item on my consultations page), feel free and know you will get a very comprehensive take on not only your North Node, but everything else. For North Node, the Time Passages may be more accurate than what I’m posting from the Round Art below. Your judgment also matters.

You can also associate the houses with the signs — 1st house/Aries, 2nd house/Taurus, so you can see your Moon’s Node sign from the list below.

  • 1st house: self-expression, wish to rule, love affairs, honours, wealth, associative urge, social success; extroverted, social, ardent, enthusiastic, organizing.
  • 2nd house: permanent unions, perserved alliances, affluent partners, material advantages through others; self-seeking, exploitative, devoted, loyal, reliable.
  • 3rd house (Exalted): multi-faceted relationships, ideas from others, cultivation of contacts, superficial associations; relatives and neighbours, shortlived contacts, education, preferment.
  • 4th house: family ties, continued parental contact, soul uions, ancestry confused, discordant family life; attached, dependent, obliging.
  • 5th house: popularity, speculations with tohers, many children, festivities and entertainments, many love affairs, organization; wasteful, over-extended, social.
  • 6th house: associations in teaching, science and health, small animals, research, disagreements through criticism; health, employees, gain through service, working relationships.
  • 7th house: love affairs, team-work, public welfare, profit through others, gain through partner, inability to be alone, contention with partner; communal, social, dependent.
  • 8th house: associations, fighting for a common aim, subversive groups, sexual relationships, undermined cooperation, secret relations, groups advocating violence or praticising deception.
  • 9th house (in Fall): joint utopian ideas, associations of kindred souls, legal teamwork, educational and humanitarian groups, dreams, voyages; political, egalitarian, academic, idealistic.
  • 10th house: business organizations, responsible to tohers, positions of authority, social climbing, exploitation, loss, deception, clear objectives.
  • 11th house: multi-faceted relationships, numerous friends, love of social contact, lack of independence, compulsive joining, helpful associations; sociable, communal, helpful.
  • 12th house: secret associations, occult groups, institutions, undone by relationships, harmful communities, subversive societies, enemies, restraint through others.

Nodal aspects to the angles are as follows:

  • North Node conjunct Ascendant: ability to relate to others, many loves, intense partnerships, a good companion, love of entertaining; sociable, extraverted, obliging, charming.
  • North Node sextile, trine, or quintile Ascendant: social conscience, concern for others, shared interests, dislike of living alone, happy associations; amenable, engaging, humane, communal.
  • North Node square or opposition Ascendant: socially maladjusted, short-lived relationships, estrangements, inability to live with another, disturbed domestic and family life, antisocial, difficult.
  • North Node conjunct Midheaven: individual associations, a destiny determined solely by relationships, idealistic attitude towards friendships, like-minded people.
  • North Node sextile, trine, or quintile Midheaven: advancement through one’s associations, community spirit, fortunate contacts, working with others, joint aims, shared interests; humane, understanding, unselfish.
  • North Node square or opposition Midheaven: exploiting others, social climbing, difficulty in relationships, inability to act with others; selfish, inconstant, aggravating, unpopular.

Maren Altman has a quick video and she discusses North Node lines about 6 1/2 minutes in.

North Node lines will come, and they’ll be revealing.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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