North Node lines

Time Passages does offer North Node lines on its Astro Map. So we’ll be covering these today. As usual, the explanation goes as follows:

  • The ascending line is the location on the earth where the planet is rising. (As a corollary, the ascendant is the point on the horizon — northeast, southeast, or anywhere in between — where the sun would be rising at the time of birth). A planetary ascending line is the planet on the cusp of the first house.
  • The descending line is the location on the earth where the planet is setting. (The descendant is the point on the horizon — northwest, southwest, or anywhere in between — where the Sun would be setting at the time of birth). A planetary descending line is the planet on the cusp of the 7th house.
  • The MC lines are where a planet would be at its highest point of the day in the sky, or essentially on the prime meridiem. They will be directly south above the Tropic of Cancer, directly north below the Tropic of Capricorn, or overhead (the possibility for being overhead only exists between the tropics). A planetary midheaven line is the planet on the cusp of the 10th house.
  • The IC lines are where a planet would be at its lowest point of the day underneath the earth. A planetary IC line is the planet on the cusp of the 4th house.

It should be emphasized again, that you should spend some time on or near a line before taking the plunge, picking up, and starting over. As would also be true for analyzing a planet in a house at a new location.

Besides using the Time Passages interpretation, I’ll be using Dan Furst’s “Finding Your Best Places: Using Astrocartography to Navigate Your Life”. This is a very recent book and I like his interpretations.

Here’s an Astro Map of the whole earth for a recent client:

As I’ve done with every planet up to now, I’ve posted the Astro Map of the entire Earth for someone. You can see Ascending and Descending lines — the more diagonal lines — coming from the left side of the screen and crossing nearly all together as a ‘singularity’ in Northern Canada, as well as on the opposite side of the earth near Antarctica and south of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Australia. Near each singularity, planets’ lowest point in longitude (or, conversely, highest) there will either be a Midheaven (MC) line or a Nadir (IC) line. If the line coming from the west of the peak or trough is a Descending line, it will be an IC line; if it is an Ascending line, it will be an MC line. Conversely, Ascending lines coming from the east peak at an IC line and Descending lines from the east peak at an MC line.

The North Node lines are in a light blue, a color distinct from those of the other planets. Here’s an illustration of both their North Node Nadir (IC) line and their North Node Ascending line.

In this particular person’s case the North Node IC line — where the North Node is on the cusp of the 4th house — is a dashed line that goes from Eastern Siberia near the Bering Strait and heads south (IC lines are always vertical), not really hitting any land on its way to Antarctica, although there may be some islands nearby. The person has more luck with their Ascending line, which extends from the IC line heading southeast into the Western Hemisphere, crossing through the middle part of North America, near Winnipeg, Kansas City, the Louisiana-Texas border. It then hits near the border of Mexico and Central America, near Belize. It pretty much misses South America before reaching Antarctica.

Here’s the Time Passages interpretation for the North Node ascending line:
With the Moon’s North Node on the Ascendant, South Node on the Descendant in this location, you will feel an alteration and eventual transformation here in the areas of partnership and close interpersonal relationships. While you are here you are moving in the direction of forming a better sense of your own abilities independent of others. No matter what brings you to this place, it will likely end up serving as the environment for your very own personal growth workshop. You could meet people who are important for your personal development. Significant people here (or who are from here) can help you build self-esteem and discover a stronger sense of self. You may find you receive support here to follow your personal interests and inspirations in a fresh new way. You could perhaps find that when here, you get the mirroring and validation you need in order to mature into a more autonomous and independent being. As your self-confidence grows and your trust in yourself deepens, energies that were blocked in you will get the chance to shine.

Here’s Dan Furst’s interpretation:
Moon’s Node on the Ascendant lines exemplify the general theme of interaction and potential tension between our individual personalities, and the way we project and assert ourselves in the world, and relationships, especially with groups; work teams and projects, professional societies and organizations, families, social circles, every group that may influence our self-expression into the wider environment of the world. There is a strong emphasis here on leadership and the gaining of support for our endeavors, and on introducing new communal values and ideas, to which others, and community as a whole, may be receptive.
In some ways Dan Furst’s interpretation for the Ascending line is very much like a Descending line set of traits, illustrating that for everywhere the North Node is on its Ascending line, the same line is South Node-Descending.

Here’s the Time Passages interpretation for the North Node IC line:
With the Moon’s North Node on the Nadir, your focus in this locale will be on getting a better sense of who you really are at the level of your emotional roots. You will find your private life increasingly important to you while you are here. Exploring the depths of your being through meditation or some sort of process work could prove extremely beneficial. You may in fact experience a powerful rite of passage while in this location. You might learn in a significant way that security comes from following the inner dictates of your soul rather than the outer path of social expectations. You could also rediscover your roots while here or have a meaningful encounter with someone or something from your past. You may develop a sense of trusted family in the people that you meet here. However this looks, you tend to put the worldly aside when in this location and turn your attention inward toward the more personal aspects of your life, perhaps to discover important gifts that you have always had inside you to bring to the world, and are seeing as if for the very first time.

Here’s Dan Furst’s take:
This line favors work with production teams on large-scale projects, community building and social activities involving extended families and other group of like-minded friends who bring a satisfying social dimension to your life. On this line you may work from your home, which may also be an active social center. As the 4th house of the mother is next to the Nadir, maternal karmic resonances may surface here. This line often marks locations of family lineage.

Looking at South Node on the Descendant:

Here we see the Saturn Descending line cutting through Russia, Mongolia, and China, mostly away from population centers; and then going through Southeast Asia, including Bangladesh and Myanmar. The next land it hits is in Antarctica.

Here’s Time Passages’ interpretation:
With the Moon’s North Node on the Descendant, South Node on the Ascendant, in this location you will encounter events, people and situations that help move your perspective away from yourself and toward connection to others. There may be a fated feeling to relationships you have in this place. You are likely to form strong bonds, perhaps based on karmic or past-life contacts. You are not only drawing people to you who provide a sense of companionship. You may find that parts of yourself that you usually cannot see become more visible, reflected by those around you. People that you meet here could enable you to focus your awareness on deeply held instinctual patterns which you are ready to outgrow, increasing your sense of self-esteem. You will likely find that this process becomes your central focus while you are here, whether you struggle to integrate these realizations into your evolving sense of self, or simply sit back and enjoy the connections that you create.

Here’s what Dan Furst says:
Moon’s Node on the Descendant concerns partnerships of all kinds, including love unions and marriages. Combinations of this line and other lines, whether in parallel or crossing, help to identify which kinds of relationships — professional, personal, spiritual, social — are most applicable here, but the common element is that here you are most likely to come into contact and friendship with congenial, like-souled people who nourish your heart with a strong sense of acceptance and belonging.

Here we see the client’s North Node going straight through England, France, and Spain, and then down through western Africa. A lot of opportunity to live near the line.

Here’s the Time Passages interpretation:
With the Moon’s North Node on the Midheaven, South Node on the Nadir, in this location you will experience a fated sense of connection to a larger purpose. Here, you may find that your gaze turns away from the purely personal and toward the worldly. In turn, you also may find that the world returns the favor and gazes back at you. Although you are likely comfortable in your private life here, the energy of this place tends to move you out into the wider world. This place encourages you to think big and climb the ladder high. This can also be a locale where you revisit issues from your childhood and early parental care. While here, you likely to form alliances that help connect you to a larger picture of social commitment and service. Recognition and support could come with little effort, or on the other hand you may find that you experience challenges and breakthrough as you make this outward move. Regardless of what obstacles may arise, when you are here, you will find that you gain greater trust in your inner sense of authority and are better able to share it with the larger world.

Here’s Dan Furst’s:
Moon’s Node on the MC directs the Node’s energy to the professional and spiritual dimensions of our lives, showing places that involve alliances with professional teams and collectives, rather than solitary work; and involvement with spiritual study groups and religious communities. This line may suggest higher and deeper purposes to the relationship than social and family lines do, so that under this line way may be attracted to our true spiritual family and find our soul brothers and sisters. We may also address karmic relationship with our father, as the 10th house in our birth charts, next to the MC, is our father’s house.

I probably won’t have the opportunity to live on a Nodal line, but you might.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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