What is NOT affected by relocation

I have a friend who I’ve known for over six years. She’s as into Astrology almost as much as I am, and we’re essential to each other’s growth. She has expressed skepticism about relocation astrology in the past; she may be coming around somewhat and I hope this post can further act as proof that there are certain things that change when you relocate and certain things that DON’T.

She said, and I paraphrase, “so you don’t agree with the saying, ‘Whereever you go, there you are?”

I said, I half agree.

Possibly the most effective way to illustrate this is by discussing Parker’s astrology, a source which I use heavily in each client’s astrological reading. Direct midpoints are exactly in between two bodies (usually planets, but can be the Asc or MC). That means the 0 degrees and also 180 degrees, since they’re directly in between.

Indirect midpoints are 45, 90, or 135 degrees from the direct midpoints. These are “8th harmonic midpoints” — if you do an 8th harmonic of the chart (in other words, blow up everything 8x so that two planets that are 10 degrees apart are 80 degrees apart in the 8th harmonic), those indirect midpoints will become direct midpoints. 8th harmonic is important; as astrologer David Cochrane noted, it’s basically our ‘driving force’ in life.

Every midpoint that involves the Ascendant and Midheaven is going to be affected when you move. The number of said midpoints averages 30, though it varies a lot — I’ve seen it below 15 and above 45.

That leaves all the midpoints that only involve the ten major planets. I don’t yet, but I may offer such a reading where I do this for clients, because it’s the stuff that will never change no matter where you are. So I don’t know what the average number of such midpoints are for someone, but I know how many I have.


And I’m going to post them here. Not because I’m particularly an exhibitionist, although I may enjoy being in the public eye (on a good day, anyway). I’m going to post these as examples of the kinds of things people have — the negative stuff is the stuff we have to do our ‘work’ on if we’re going to overcome it at all. We can have some success at this. So it’s important to get this out there.

The highlighted ones are either direct midpoints and/or they’re midpoints with an orb of 1/2 degree or less. To make it to this list (and to make it on the report I give clients), the orb must be 2.0 degrees or less. These are in theory the strongest ones. In theory.


Midpoints not dependent on location

  • Sun = Mars/Uranus (0, 1.0) – Very quick reactions to all situations in life.  A dynamic and highly sexed individual.
  • Sun = Venus/Pluto (45, 0.9) – Extremely powerful feelings and sexuality.  A need to dominate.
  • Sun = Uranus/Neptune (45, 0.5) – Physical sensitivity to exterior and psychological influences.  Originality and inspiration.
  • Sun = Mercury/Venus (0, 1.1) – A friendly individual.  Ability for creative/artistic work.  Appreciation of beauty.
  • Sun = Moon/Venus (0, 1.5) – The desire for permanent relationships.  Appreciation of art.  Creature comforts very important.
  • Moon = Saturn/Neptune (45, 1.2) – An over-emotional individual who will have a pessimistic outlook and bouts of depression.
  • Moon = Uranus/Pluto (90, 0.7) – A receptive person with powerful, immediate reactions.  Easily angered.
  • Moon = Venus/Jupiter (45, 1.0) – Natural charm.  Kindness and sympathy is freely expressed.  An instinct for knowing when emotional support is needed.
  • Mercury = Mars/Saturn (90, 2.0) – No one ever seems to take any notice of what the individual is trying to do or say.  A victim of bullying.
  • Mercury = Moon/Pluto (45, 1.6) – A plotter or schemer.  Detective ability.  Good researcher.
  • Mercury = Saturn/Neptune (45, 0.4) – Inhibition blocks positive thinking.  The person may moan: “If only I’d had a better upbringing/education/my relationship hadn’t ended.
  • Mercury = Uranus/Pluto (90, 1.5) – A deep thinker who soon motivates action.  The ability to sway the masses through oratory.
  • Mercury = Venus/Jupiter (45, 1.8) – A flair for craftwork.  A charming, happy individual who adores being in the company of lively, talkative friends.
  • Venus = Saturn/Uranus (135, 1.9) – Difficulties in sustaining long-term emotional relationships.
  • Venus = Mars/North Node (90, 1.1) – Someone who falls in love far too frequently and easily.
  • Venus = Sun/Mars (45, 0.1) – The ability satisfactorily to combine love and sex within relationships.
  • Venus = Neptune/North Node (45, 0.4) – The tendency to idealize lovers.
  • Venus = Sun/Neptune (0, 1.4) – Artistic flair which should be nurtured.  The need for love, but some confusion in this sphere.
  • Mars = Saturn/North Node (45, 1.7) – Acceptance of vulnerability to depression and a desire to rid the self of it, but an ongoing battle.  An unpredictable friend.
  • Mars = Sun/Saturn (0, 0.8) – Imbalance in the use of energy leads to periods of over-activity and lethargy.
  • Mars = Jupiter/Pluto (135, 2.0) – Will inspire and spur others into great achievement.  Usually good organizing ability.  No time for fools.
  • Jupiter = Sun/Venus (45, 1.2) – Generosity.  The belief that it is better to give than to receive.  An easy, relaxed attitude to partners.  Natural charm.  A “lucky” person.
  • Jupiter = Neptune/Pluto (0, 0.7) – Will cause disruption simply to have a bit of peace!  A kind and sympathetic individual who will willingly assist other people.
  • Jupiter = Mercury/Mars (90, 0.2) – Natural ability to teach.  A jovial person, excellent communicator.
  • Jupiter = Moon/Mars (90, 0.2) – An uncomplicated person.  Flair for solving problems easily and succinctly.  Optimism.  In tune with the emotions.
  • Jupiter = Mercury/Neptune (45, 1.3) – There are no bounds to the imagination, which will be inspired by the best of motives.  An idealist.  Talent for poetry.  Religious vocation.
  • Jupiter = Moon/Neptune (45, 1.7) – A big personality who is much loved.  Good imagination and understanding of people.  Compassion and kindness.
  • Saturn = Moon/Neptune (135, 2.0) – Possibility of above-average disappointments in life and the inability to make the best of things.
  • Saturn = Mars/Uranus (135, 0.4) – Frustration inhibits the full development of potential.
  • Saturn = Sun/North Node (90, 0.4) – The tendency to put other people down and be heavy-handed or over-strict.
  • Saturn = Venus/Pluto (180, 0.3) – A difficult partner subject to unpredictable moods.  Money is more important than love.
  • Saturn = Uranus/Neptune (180, 1.1) – Underhandedness.  Possibly creative ability.  Lack of stability.
  • Saturn = Mercury/Venus (135, 1.7) – Lack of self-confidence in creative effort.  Sculpture could be rewarding.
  • Uranus = Jupiter/North Node (90, 0.7) – A lively, somewhat unpredictable friend.  One who likes to surprise others.
  • Uranus = Sun/Jupiter (45, 0.3) – An optimistic outlook on life.  Self-belief.  Successful enterprise.
  • Uranus – Saturn/North Node (180, 1.1) – The need for freedom of expression and to encourage others to take drastic action.
  • Neptune = Jupiter/Pluto (45, 1.1) – A sly, untrustworthy tendency.  Will complicate matters unnecessarily.
  • Neptune = Saturn/Pluto (135, 0.8) – The tendency to cheat and defraud.
  • Neptune = Mercury/Jupiter (0, 0.9) – An extremely powerful imagination, which needs positive direction to work brilliantly – otherwise, confusion and unfounded worry.
  • Neptune = Moon/Jupiter (0, 1.4) – A poor sense of perspective.  The tendency to over-dramatize situations or give up.  Irrational worries or blind optimism.
  • Pluto = Uranus/North Node (90, 0.0) – The tendency to force opinions on to other people, which will lead to unpopularity.
  • Pluto = Mars/Jupiter (90, 0.3) – An enterprising person keen to “make good”, improve life and be prosperous.
  • Pluto = Sun/Uranus (45, 0.9) – Political aspirations.  The liking for power to exert over others.
  • Pluto = Jupiter/Neptune (45, 1.8) – Uncertainty whether being kind and easy-going will clash with the need to take a much harder and more materialistic attitude.
  • North Node = Mercury/Neptune (90, 1.0) – An enthusiast for clubs and groups of people with esoteric interests.
  • North Node = Moon/Neptune (90, 0.6) – A rather shy person who lets results of work speak for him or herself.
  • North Node = Jupiter/Saturn (90, 0.5) – A sensible person who will give sound advice to other people.  A stalwart friend.
  • North Node = Mars/Uranus (90, 1.0) – An interesting and lively, but very unpredictable, friend.
  • North Node = Venus/Pluto (135, 1.0) – A need to be with, and enjoy the company of big-business people and at the same time to aspire to be like them.


I’ve generally said that about 80% of this ends up coming true if it’s a relocation. I’d also say that what you’re reading above — that’s also at about 80%. For whatever reason, legitimate or illegitimate.

These are midpoints. This system also applies to the planets making aspects to each other as opposed to the Asc or MC. It also applies to the planets themselves — your planet can change houses, but it will NEVER change signs.

It may, however, progress out of a sign, usually into the next one. Progressions known as secondary progressions use the ‘day for a year’ — so the progressed Sun moves through a sign over about 30 years, a progressed moon moves about as fast as transiting Saturn, and in my case Neptune progressed from Scorpio into Sagittarius when I was about 26. This is uncommon, even rare, and perhaps I am fortunate, given the problems that Neptune in Scorpio can bring.

Progressions do not delete the birth chart any more than relocation does. They add overtones. The natal effects can diminish, but they don’t go away. Just as a wild guess that could be an educated guess, the original influences could be 50% as strong (I’m just throwing that figure out there; other astrologers may weigh in.) It’s always circumstantial, also — whether that be what comes to us in life or any other astrological influences that can accentuate the any kind of influence.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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