I will likely be picking up and moving to Hawaii in two months

Yes, that is right. It’s been on my radar for about four months now. Given that time is of the essence for something like this (most people would wonder why that is) I gave myself a deadline of December 31, that I would make a decision as to whether or not to go. December 31 came and went and I didn’t make a decision. Then, sometime around the beginning of February something clicked with me and I said, I’m pretty sure I’m going.

I’m a bit surprised I didn’t relay this sooner. I guess it’s that push-and-pull between transparency and secrecy, which usually lands on, when is the prudent time to reveal what you’re doing? I wouldn’t just shout it to the heavens as soon as I decided, because, what if I changed my mind? I decided to sit with my decision for more than a month before writing today.

I’m a bit regretful I didn’t decide on this sooner. My last visit to Hawaii was around Memorial Day 2019. My psychedelic trip was in October of that year. Financially, it would have been better for me had I done this sometime in early 2020, even with COVID raging. I would have had a lot more time to get settled in. There is something about running low on money that focuses you, though.

Of course, I do think working on my astrology practice — well, maybe I should have stayed in Denver until now. I’ve been blogging for a year now, and it’s been enough time to get enough clients that I can say, ‘you have a career now.’ Maybe that wouldn’t have happened in Hawaii. I chalk that up to a number of things — the obvious one is having Jupiter in my 1st house but that’s not the only thing. More on that later.

Yes, I am doing this entirely because of relocation astrology. There are things that both do and do not have to do with relocation astrology that I will probably miss when I leave. On the ‘do not’ side of things — I will miss the lack of humidity here. Hawaii is beautiful for a longer portion of the year than Denver is, but it is also a humid place, especially in the late summer and early fall, but it’s pretty consistent throughout the year. I’ll miss being acclimated to a high altitude — 5450 feet above sea level. It’s not very likely, although it’s not impossible, that I’ll be at such a high altitude in Hawaii.

(Actually, there’s a pretty funny story about being on Mt. Haleakala (on Maui) in 2015 that I don’t have time to get into here, but at the time I was living in Pittsburgh at 1000 feet above sea level. It’s a telling story.)

The rest of this article is where I actually go through the relocation astrology and go through the cost-benefit analysis of my decision, what I’m gaining, what I’m giving up. Actually, I want to really make clear to you what my thought process was as I weighed this. I’m not going to go out of my way to ‘prove’ anything I’m asserting here, though I still follow the 80% rule — 80 percent of it ends up panning out, on average.

One of the things I got to get rid of when I moved to Denver was my birth ascendant, Scorpio. Libra rising has been a lot more stable for me — I never enjoyed the paranoia and the self-destructive tendencies, even as Scorpio rising is a powerful placement. (In general, I tend to personally encourage clients to reduce the amount of Scorpio/8th house influence in their charts most of the time).

The problem with Libra rising is that it can contain a “work aversion.” Now, there are many people who have Libra rising who have stable careers and do well, but this is something I’m definitely noticing. My experience of my 2019 trip was brief, but I was noticing that coming to an end. More on that in a bit. My ascendant relocates to Virgo in Hawaii.

A lot of what convinced me had to do with my work ethic in general. My moon relocated from my 2nd house to my 3rd house in Denver. 3rd house Moon is a great thing for, as Mapping Your Travels & Relocation put it, “care and feeding of your mind.” And, boy, did it! Looking at the Time Passages interpretation for third house moon gives me this:

“Your mind is ever alert for new information. Your moods are linked with your mental process. You may feel anxiety caused by your habit of constantly questioning the ideas and concepts of the world around you. Each answer you find can be the source of another question for your mind to ponder.”

But then it says that I dislike routine.

It’s not the only source that says that. Isabel Hickey refers to that in her book “Astrology: A Cosmic Science” says very bluntly that 3rd house Moon does not like routine of any kind.

Many people can make lack of routine work in their lives. Many other people try to hold down day jobs, which are usually 9-5, while they work on their practice. If I’m hinting anything here it’s that I concluded very early on that I was not going to be able to handle routine and that a normal office job was not going to work (the socialization process also played a role, which I’ll get to). The whole process of forcing myself up on my elliptical every morning was something that I could do in Pittsburgh, but it wasn’t easy then either). I came to the conclusion that the situation was not sustainable.

That should have helped me get the message. When my dental hygenist, who I’m friends with, hinted more than a year ago that I might want to pick up and start over in the place of my choosing (she accepted my astrological reasons for Hawaii, which I hadn’t even fully developed yet), I should have gotten the message right then and there. Stubbornly, I kept trying to make it work here.

A few more things came from midpoints that pertain to the work ethic in Denver, I’m listing them as follows:

  • Jupiter = Saturn/Ascendant (90, 0.9) – The tendency to “bury the head in the sand”, ignoring problems.
  • Neptune = Moon/Midheaven (45, 0.6) – Difficulty in keeping in touch with the rat race.  Tendency to worry extensively over work/career.
  • Pluto = Neptune/Ascendant (45, 0.9) – The influence will tend to cramp the go-ahead qualities of the Ascending sign.
  • North Node = Saturn/Midheaven (90, 1.2) – A difficult person who is often uncooperative at work.
  • Midheaven = Saturn/Ascendant (0, 0.7) – One who will take the career and aspirations very seriously and be coldly ambitious, or who will crumble under the burdens in life.
  • Midheaven = Neptune/Pluto (90, 0.8) – The inability to hold down a progressive career.  The constant need for change.
  • Midheaven = Mercury/Mars (180, 1.3) – Frequent dissatisfaction with career.  Will keep changing direction in life.

I’m only showing one side of the story here — there are a number of positive things pertaining to the work ethic here in Denver, including some very good ones, but on balance, it’s fairly negative.

Here’s some things — midpoints — in Hawaii. This pertains to Honolulu in particular. Kauai is more than a degree to the west of Honolulu, Maui and Kona on the Big Island is about a degree east, and Hilo is about two degrees east. So a small percentage of these midpoints will not apply to every town in every island, but most of them will.

  • Sun = Pluto/Ascendant (90, 0.4) – This influence will add compulsiveness and dogged persistence to the characteristics of the Ascending sign.
  • Sun = Mercury/Ascendant (45, 1.6) – A lively, chatty person who is optimistic and may be inconsistent in outlook and opinion.
  • Sun = Mercury/Midheaven (90, 1.6) – The ability to enjoy every working day and to spread happiness among colleagues.
  • Moon = Jupiter/Midheaven (135, 1.5) – Indicative of success.  Often fame.  A caring person.
  • Jupiter = North Node/Ascendant (135, 1.7) – An individual who is a terrific inspiration to others.  The ideal priest or professor.
  • Jupiter = Sun/Ascendant (0, 0.7) – A jovial person.  The ability to cheer up those who are unhappy.  One who enjoys life.
  • Jupiter = Sun/Midheaven (135, 0.7) – An optimist.  Successful progress in the career.  Involvement in publishing, the law or religion.
  • Ascendant = Venus/Midheaven (0, 0.5) – The individual would do well to form a working relationship with the loved one.  Joint objectives and ambitions will be achieved.
  • Midheaven = Sun/Mars (135, 1.2) – A hard, persistent worker.  Pioneering spirit.  Pleasure from effort.
  • Midheaven = Neptune/North Node (135, 0.6) – The need to develop more self-sufficiency.
  • Midheaven = Venus/Ascendant (135, 0.6) – There is psychological integration between the objectives in life and the individual’s personality.
  • Midheaven = Sun/Neptune (180, 0.3) – Changes of direction in career, which must be carefully considered, otherwise the subject will simply drift.

I included some of the challenging midpoints although not all of them; I included some other midpoints that didn’t appear to be directly related to work, but that I thought were important. I didn’t include everything. I will say that the balance was positive.

Astrology is a game of details. There is usually no overarching theme — although this set of Hawaii midpoints almost seems to suggest one, I’m not here to assert that. (One client recently just asked me point blank, “Should I live here?” as opposed to any other location. I rarely give a resolute opinion unless what I find is unambiguous and non-ambivalent. Even if the choice is an obvious one it is usually from a lot of very positive details that don’t have a lot to do with each other).

So that seems like an almost damning indictment of Denver — one which I knew about going in but didn’t know from the inside until after I got here. What was it that brought me to Denver as such an attractive option in the first place?

Two things stand out to begin with. Jupiter in the 1st house and North Node in the 5th house. Here’s the Mapping Your Travels interpretation of Denver, which is what I started with on my first visit:

If more optimism, self-confidence, or vitality is your quest, you could fulfill your desire with Jupiter in the relocated first house. You may become more interested in a religion, philosophy, belief system, or set of ideals, and expand yourself personally and physically (weight gain is possible). More faith and a willingness to risk for greater gain also are possible.

Yes. All of that. Except for the weight gain; I actually lost a bit — not enough, I’d still like to get 15 lbs. off — but some. The higher altitudes tend to burn more calories. I’ll be leaving the rest of it behind if I leave, but five years of personal growth is not something that just goes away.

Not long after my 2015 visit, I looked at the Round Art interpretation of Jupiter:

frankness, honesty, leadership, travel; generous, optimistic, self-sufficient, speculative, aspiring, capable, ambitious, noble, adventurous.

Noble? Capable? Self-sufficient? More or less, yes. That stuck right out at me when I read that sometime in the late summer of 2015.

I learned recently that capability, alone, isn’t necessarily enough to pay the bills.

This brings me to a stark question that I of course don’t have the answer to. Will I be successful in my practice after leaving this all behind? Will I be a capable astrologer? I have thought a LOT about this question. Pluto also plays a role here, as it’s sextile my relocated Midheaven here, and Mapping Your Travels has it as follows:

Organizational abilities, perseverance, concentration, self-control, and endurance are likely to contribute to your vocational success in this locale. Research abilities may be enhanced, and your dedication and thoroughness could impress authority figures. Loyalty is apt to be a major issue, and you are capable of making a strong commitment. On the downside, power struggles are possible with bosses, family members, and just about anyone. A spouse or mate may contribute to your success in the material world, and your ability to read nonverbal cues and look beneath the surface of life will help you in making pragmatic business decisions. You may find it easier to do fundraising, get loans, or use money to make money (investments). Business partnerships are possible. Counseling and consulting talents are probable.

I suspect that if I had a lot more time (i.e. money) to work with, this that’s above would be the biggest reason I would have to stay here — and, if circumstances allow, the biggest reason I would come back here. It’s a big deal. I don’t want to be unduly pessimistic about my abilities once I leave here, in this kind of realm.

I forgot to mention the North Node in 5th house which applies to Denver. Here, I’m going to go with the Time Passages interpretation:

This placement gives a personality with a focus on being recognized and admired for the personal creativity that you manifest. You are fortunate in this lifetime, for few people have the capacity, as you do, of actually making your dreams come true. You are engaged in a life-long process of concretizing your thought images, turning the products of your extraordinarily clever intellect into actual manifestation in the world. In the past, or in past lifetimes, you specialized in ideals and imaginings, without giving much thought to working these out in the real world. But as you get on with your life’s journey you find that actually manifesting these thought forms becomes more and more your focus. When you are on your true path, you find that you must act and create, for in acting you give form to the otherwise formless and ideal, and in so doing fulfill your destiny.

I woke up this morning depressed that I would be leaving this behind. And yes, what is said above is very, very real — it has been borne out. That depression, I will say, made it harder for me to get started — it was over 3 1/2 hours before I could get on the elliptical today. But contrast what I have here with the midpoints that you read about earlier in this piece.

If circumstances bring me back to Denver or anywhere my North Node is in the 5th house, this will be the biggest reason.

I do put out these posts on my FB page asking my astrologer friends for their opinions. e.g. “Would you rather have Venus in the 3rd house or the 4th house?” “Would you rather have Jupiter in the 1st house or the 2nd house?” “Would you rather have Neptune in the 2nd house or the 3rd house?”

Those three questions garnered opinions on both sides of the argument. The Venus in the 3rd house/4th house question is an important one for me, as my Venus IC line goes right in between Oahu and Kauai. Venus IC line — well, one’s life should be easier there. Because of at least one midpoint that only affects Kauai, that’s probably the island I’d most avoid, despite it (I’m told) having the gentlest energy. So my Venus defaults to the 3rd house for the rest of the islands (it’s in the 2nd house here).

Venus in the 2nd house in Colorado is counterbalanced (negatively, some would say) by Neptune in the 2nd house. I’d be moving both to the 3rd house. 3rd house is not a bad place for either Venus or Neptune, although Venus is in rulership in the 2nd house.

Jupiter in the 2nd house can bring material wealth. It would not necessarily bring recognition like Jupiter in the 1st house would, but 2nd house is a pretty big deal for my options.

I could go on, and I’d like to discuss Saturn, too — as I specifically came to Colorado to get Saturn into my 7th house. Being that I have a weak Jupiter-Saturn opposition, in most locations they are in opposite houses and Saturn ends up in my 8th house in Hawaii. That has its own issues.

7th house Saturn, where it’s exalted, is supposed to make one more sensible about relationships. It has, but not without some caveats. Look around at the literature — this, and, especially this, are good reading for this.

Finally, Mars has been in my 4th house since I was 18. Here’s the Round Art discussing 4th house Mars:

intense emotions, temper tantrums, troubled home-life, lacks persistence, accidents; impulsive, instinctual, bold, ambitious, irritable, sensuous.

I’ve lived this basically as long as I could remember. Accident proneness is a problem with me, but honestly, so are temper tantrums, embarrassingly. (We all have our secrets, don’t we?) Moving Mars into the 6th house, brings:

business, detail work, compulsive organizing and arranging, exploitation, adaptation; scientific, orderly, irritable, nervous, astute, materialistic, tidy, critical, edgy.

That’s all important.

I could go on about other things in the chart, though I’ve included a lot. But I wanted to delineate my thought process over the decision I’m making. Much, but by no means all, of it has to do with my current work ethic, how it’s somewhat problematic here, and how I can improve it.

I read and think about all these issues every day and have for months.

It doesn’t mean I won’t come back here. And in fact, there was something my late dad, in his daring personality, always said to me. And that was that it was important to try new things.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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