More motivational factors pertaining to my move to Hawaii

So, I did something last night — I bought a one-way plane ticket to Honolulu. This is, as my friend Amy put it, ‘a big step.’ It’s not the biggest financial commitment I’m going to make in service of this move (it’s arranging lodging that’s going to do that) but it wasn’t easy to do. If it turns out I don’t move to Hawaii, this could be the first leg of a round trip to Hawaii — in other words, just travel.

I didn’t feel that great about my decision this morning, but since my workout, I feel somewhat better, although still ambivalent. (I’m not very clear-headed before workouts.) Please refer to my post from March 15 about this; this post today is going to build on that with the other things I’m thinking about this.

Picking up and moving is not easy for me; I have four earth planets — Moon and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn, Saturn in Taurus, and Pluto in Virgo. I tend to get rooted to the places I live in; the roots in Pittsburgh were 28 years long (although genuinely, I wanted to leave early on), and my roots in Denver are 5 years in the making. If you have fewer earth planets than I do, you’re going to have less hard of a time.

(To illustrate this, because I do a radio show and because I’m old-school, I have roughly 800 CDs sitting in CD towers on the other side of this room. Of course, the younger generations don’t deal with CDs at all — everything’s digital on their computer, tablet, I-phone, whatever. Almost all of my music is uploaded, too, but the difficulty for me has to do with just giving away my CD collection when I’ve been accumulating it for eighteen years is pretty damn hard for me! This is a classic earth planet reaction.)

18 years in the making. And yes, alphabetized.

It has been said that it takes one Mars return from the point you arrive somewhere before the place feels like home. Usually, that’s roughly one and three-quarters years. I’m here to say that it took a bit longer than that for me — it took around 2 1/4 years. It’s fairly clear that I’m going to go through that again in Hawaii. That being said, the place felt very home-like to me during my two visits; obviously, being so close to your Venus IC line will do that!

The Friendship & Family Map, one of the Treasure Maps on SIRIUS 3.0, illustrates comfort zones on a personal level. You can see the Venus IC line going between Oahu and Kauai. You can also see the Venus square Ascendant as a slightly diagonal line crossing over the Venus IC line (which actually creates a paran right through Oahu).

One thing about these Treasure Maps is that the orbs that David Cochrane supports as relevant to the lines are fairly small relative to the orbs that most astrologers use. I put out a call on the Facebook group for opinions about how large an orb can be before there’s no longer any influence. One person said “400 miles” which is in the 7-8 degree range in most temperate latitudes.

I’m used to Pluto being in my 11th house since I was 18. In Hawaii it ends up in my 1st house. This morning I thought vaguely about Pluto being sextile my Midheaven here in Denver. I posted about that (the Mapping Your Travels interpretation) in the March 15 post, but I want to repeat it:

Organizational abilities, perseverance, concentration, self-control, and endurance are likely to contribute to your vocational success in this locale. Research abilities may be enhanced, and your dedication and thoroughness could impress authority figures. Loyalty is apt to be a major issue, and you are capable of making a strong commitment. On the downside, power struggles are possible with bosses, family members, and just about anyone. A spouse or mate may contribute to your success in the material world, and your ability to read nonverbal cues and look beneath the surface of life will help you in making pragmatic business decisions. You may find it easier to do fundraising, get loans, or use money to make money (investments). Business partnerships are possible. Counseling and consulting talents are probable.

In particular, the counseling & consulting talents. They are very real here. That’s a big deal. Would I be leaving that behind. I’d think that most astrologers don’t have Pluto sextile their Midheaven — how are they able to do so well?

The fundraising hasn’t really panned out.

What does Mapping Your Travels say for Pluto in my 1st house?

With Pluto in the relocated first house, you can increase your physical stamina or develop more self-discipline and inner mastery. In this location it’s easier to transform yourself, to turn negative habits into positive ones. However, expect power issues to emerge, both in yourself and others.

This is very important, I noticed it when I was there, and to some degree it replaces the loss of Jupiter in the 1st house. But it doesn’t say anything about consulting & counseling talents. That was one of the reasons I felt bad and ambivalent this morning. More reasons I felt that way coming up.

I want to move on to Mercury moving from my 3rd house here in Denver to my 4th house in Hawaii. I know somebody with a Cancer Mars and I see how the influence manifests. I’m going to use the Round Art, here:

perception, memory, thinking influenced by feeling, slow but retentive intellect; psychological, irrational, sentimental, profound, diplomatic, discreet, poetic, agreeable.

With the exception of “irrational,” I really want to experience this. Especially the ‘slow but retentive intellect.’ It’s like a secret weapon.

One of the contrasts between Denver and Hawaii has to do with self-sufficiency. That’s Jupiter in my 1st house — the entire western half of the mainland. Including here. One of the midpoints with Hawaii is:

  • Midheaven = Neptune/North Node (135, 0.6) – The need to develop more self-sufficiency.

Yes, that worries me.

One thing I wasn’t worried about this morning but that could pose a problem, has to do with two things — my midheaven, currently in Cancer, moving back to Gemini; and my Jupiter moving into my 2nd house. Let’s unpack this. Cancer Midheaven, per Round Art:

simplicity, tactfulness, modesty, thrift; responsible, concerned, conservative, dedicated, emotional, slow, clinging, avaricious.

Two things strike out: ‘thrift,’ and ‘slow.’ I noticed both of these things immediately after getting here. I accepted my ‘slow’ state, but it has not served me well here, honestly. Thrift is a different story. I spent with a free hand in Hawaii, and that’s a problem, and part of it has to do with the Midheaven moving out of Cancer and part of it has to do with Jupiter in my second house. Per Mapping Your Travels:

Jupiter in the relocated second house could help you succeed if you’re looking for opportunities to expand your material base, money, and possessions. But this placement also encourages spending and extravagance. You’re apt to place a higher priority on comfort, pleasure, and gratification from the physical world in this location.

In general, there is a great deal of 4th house influence in my Hawaii relocation — Sun, Moon, and Mercury move into the 4th house. If my birth time is correct, Venus also moves into the 4th house in Kauai, but for other astrological reasons, I don’t want to go there.


So what else made me feel bad? It may just be the things that make me feel bad are not about the wisdom of moving to Hawaii, particularly for someone in my financial situation, but the negative feelings in this location that would not be there in Hawaii. I cited this extensively in my March 15 post, but it bears repeating.

In Hawaii:

  • Moon = Jupiter/Midheaven (135, 1.5) – Indicative of success.  Often fame.  A caring person.
  • Jupiter = North Node/Ascendant (135, 1.7) – An individual who is a terrific inspiration to others.  The ideal priest or professor.
  • Jupiter = Sun/Midheaven (135, 0.7) – An optimist.  Successful progress in the career.  Involvement in publishing, the law or religion.
  • Midheaven = Venus/Ascendant (135, 0.6) – There is psychological integration between the objectives in life and the individual’s personality.

And that’s just career related; I’m not citing the things that are attitude-related. Contrast with Denver:

  • Neptune = Moon/Midheaven (45, 0.6) – Difficulty in keeping in touch with the rat race.  Tendency to worry extensively over work/career.
  • Pluto = Neptune/Ascendant (45, 0.9) – The influence will tend to cramp the go-ahead qualities of the Ascending sign.
  • North Node = Saturn/Midheaven (90, 1.2) – A difficult person who is often uncooperative at work.
  • Midheaven = Saturn/Ascendant (0, 0.7) – One who will take the career and aspirations very seriously and be coldly ambitious, or who will crumble under the burdens in life.
  • Midheaven = Neptune/Pluto (90, 0.8) – The inability to hold down a progressive career.  The constant need for change.
  • Midheaven = Mercury/Mars (180, 1.3) – Frequent dissatisfaction with career.  Will keep changing direction in life.

This is all just a big pessimism ball. My feelings here have to do with HERE, not how things will feel, THERE.

That being said, let’s look at this. I am moving to a place with no real safety net that I am aware of, and with roughly $36,000 (not all that I can use, that’s actually to be taxed as income) when I used to have nearly mid-six figures.

Having Asperger Syndrome, I am not particularly ’employable,’ although that’s particularly the case here in Denver, and my work ethic could get a lot better in Hawaii, although, as Hawaii’s main industry is tourism, the unemployment rate is much higher there. If I needed to get a job, having not have had a real one since April 2015, that might be easier said than done.

I know one person there well, although I am starting to get to know a second. I know another person who is originally from Denver, has spent long periods in Hawaii, and is on her way back. These are all women; I’m socially heterosexual.

On a related note, there is something my friend Amy suggested to me, “Isn’t it, wherever you go, there you are?” I said I half agreed. That inspired me to write my March 1 post, which I’ll cite the midpoints in particular that do not change for me, no matter where I go:

  • Mercury = Saturn/Neptune (45, 0.4) – Inhibition blocks positive thinking.  The person may moan: “If only I’d had a better upbringing/education/my relationship hadn’t ended.
  • Mars = Saturn/North Node (45, 1.7) – Acceptance of vulnerability to depression and a desire to rid the self of it, but an ongoing battle.  An unpredictable friend.
  • Saturn = Moon/Neptune (135, 2.0) – Possibility of above-average disappointments in life and the inability to make the best of things.
  • Saturn = Mars/Uranus (135, 0.4) – Frustration inhibits the full development of potential.

But also:

  • Jupiter = Sun/Venus (45, 1.2) – Generosity.  The belief that it is better to give than to receive.  An easy, relaxed attitude to partners.  Natural charm.  A “lucky” person.
  • Jupiter = Mercury/Mars (90, 0.2) – Natural ability to teach.  A jovial person, excellent communicator.
  • Jupiter = Moon/Mars (90, 0.2) – An uncomplicated person.  Flair for solving problems easily and succinctly.  Optimism.  In tune with the emotions.
  • Uranus = Sun/Jupiter (45, 0.3) – An optimistic outlook on life.  Self-belief.  Successful enterprise.

For me, there were a total of 49 midpoints that were not location-dependent, and I’ve only cited eight, but I’ll leave it there as I think you get the gist of what’s going on here. I have inner work to do. We’ll see if I do it.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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