Personology extended to all of the planets

Personology, an astrological endeavor that first saw the light of day in the early-mid 1990s, has easily become part of the canon of astrological subgroupings, and its founder, the late Gary Goldscheider, did decades of astrological research to come up with his ‘system’, as I’ve alluded to before.

Personology divides the zodiac into 48 periods, instead of 12. You have Pisces-Aries cusp, Aries I, Aries II, Aries III, Aries-Taurus cusp, Taurus I, etc. This new type of division, borne out both by his own research as well as the reaction of anyone who read the book for themselves and realized how accurate it really was, made us realize that not all Sagittarians are not the same, all Virgos are not the same.

Yes, Sagittarians do have a number of things in common, but it was shown that there are many things they do not.

Personology first appeared in 1994’s Secret Language of Birthdays, a book mostly dedicated to each day of the year (with definitions of each of the 48 periods at the beginning of the book), but really went to town on the blockbuster “Secret Language of Relationships” (1997), which did a four page spread on each of the 48 periods, then did every single one of the 1152 combinations of two periods in relationship with each other.

Following that was the “Secret Lgnague of Destiny” (1999) which used the 48 periods as to the North Node’s position. There was the “Astrology of Time” (2002) which had to do with transits, and there was 2004’s “The Secret Language of Luck,” involving Jupiter and Saturn.

Finally, he just put out a book called “Personology.” This came out in 2005.

This book is about 85% ephemeris, each page taking up two months (which is why it’s over 900 pages long) and involving each of the ten planets. Each page is a graph for each of the two months; the rows are the day of the month, the columns are each of the ten major planets. The numbers in the graph are the same number that each of the 48 periods are defined as (e.g. Taurus I has always been period #6, Gemini II has always been period #11) — just like in the Secret Language of Relationships.

I think I’m writing this post today not just to fascinate you with some examples of the new information you can see, but just to remind you that yes, Personology can be applied to ALL of the planets, and the author drew on his nearly 40 years of research to give us this.

I have Pluto at 27 degrees 17 minutes Virgo. But honestly, that puts it, according to the ephemeris, on the Virgo-Libra cusp, or period #25, or “Pluto on the Cusp of Beauty.” It says:

A strong attraction to all media is present here. The desire to watch attractive images on television and film and listen to sound recordings is pronounced. Perusal of glossy magazines also has special allure. Such indivdiuals must be careful not to be so swept up in the glamour world of stars and models that they forsake the realities of everyday life.

Pluto on the Cusp of Beauty takes up about 3 1/2 years of time (since Pluto spends about 15 years in Pluto and about 12 years in Libra), and my peers, mostly those slightly younger than I was, were all influenced by this position. This is something I observed in the university I went to between 1988 and 1993.

I found myself in the progressive community basically a year after I got there. But the progressive community seemed to be more attuned to pop culture than one would expect given that progressive politics is not really given to caring about pop culture — we are more serious than that. I have one salient example of this.

One of the people I volunteered with at the alternative paper in 1992-1993, Lenny Young, started a performance art group called “NOW.” I saw them perform twice. The second time I saw them would have been sometime in the summer of 1994. Young declared to us that television does not make us understand the world, each other, or life any more. It makes us understand ‘less.’

This is someone who had a judgment about pop culture, but it was still a topic for him, and the other thing I remember about their performance was that they finished it twirling around glow-in-the-dark yoyos. That may not sound impressive, but it was the end of a very well-integrated performance; moreover, it was an image used in the service of sending a message.

As for me, I still do a radio show as I have for almost all of the years since 2005. (There was a little break spanning from September 2015 to Mars 2017.) I deal in aesthetics, because I’m playing music meant to conjure up specific moods in people. Right now, I’m listening to Jim O’Rourke’s album “Bad Timing.” O’Rourke is a polymath composer who has dipped his feet into more genres than His Name Is Alive. His music is highly aesthetic, and usually brilliant.

Those of us with Pluto on the Virgo-Libra cusp who study philosophy might be more attracted to aesthetics than, say, epistemology.

See how much truth we can draw from just one planet in just one period? But there are ten planets, 48 periods, so this book has 480 entries, one for each planet in each period, and I’ll do just one more — picking out a planet at random. My Jupiter is on the Libra-Scorpio cusp, period #29, or “Jupiter on the Cusp of Drama and Criticism:

Although Jupiter does not feel comfortable with criticism, this position tends to make success more a matter of diligent attention to detail than to sheer luck. This position of the jovial palnet favors the use of mental powers and concise expression. By conserving energy rather than spreading it too thin, success can be achieved in a conservative, straightforward fashion.

This is useful information in general, no? But actually, it’s pretty hard for me to follow right now. With doing the things I’m doing for the move (my plane flight is scheduled for June 3), and with the Astrology readings I have lined up, AND with the prospect of working for Astrology Answers (I have an interview Thursday), I most certainly AM spreading myself too thin. And I notice it. I may need to postpone doing readings (I’m working on two right now) until I’m fully relocated.

But anyway, you can see how this all works. Use your personology positions for all of the planets for insight and a more wise course of action.

By David Muir

David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one's character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on

David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.

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