Looking for more relocation stories

As we are going to endure one of the most devastating public health crises in the world’s history, and with the United States due to our lacking (to say the least) response is going to be hit especially hard, it’s not easy to even contemplate the idea of moving to another part of the country or another part of the world. Many of us have been ordered to stay in our homes.

I’m following this crisis quite closely using media sources like the New York Times, Washington Post, Vox, etc. While I know that things will look quite different two weeks from now than they do now, I know that things will eventually pass, though it might be more than a year from now, and people will then be more able to contemplate things that others would consider “frivolous”.

Relocation astrology, of course, is not frivolous, despite what others might say. I went to the local facility that I have storage in (Public Storage) yesterday, as I’m arranging getting my elliptical moved from there back to me! I struck up a conversation with the young woman behind the desk that ended up lasting quite a while.

Because of the economic crisis being brought on by the coronavirus, her father had lost his job, and most of her family had as well. We are in Colorado, and she had just relocated from Texas. With the circumstances being what they were, she said that it was likely that she would have to leave Colorado and end up in Arizona not long from now. I eventually told her that I was an astrologer, and her ears perked up. She’d been studying it since 2015, she said.

She was looking into other things like compatibility, which I don’t specialize in although I have some knowledge of how it works. I told her my specialty of relocation astrology. It was so apt for what she was about to go through, and given how young she was, how she had a good bit of opportunity to use to her advantage. It definitely interested her.

We exchanged contact information and it looks pretty likely I’ll be doing her chart for at least three locations. If I do, I’ll share it on these pages. Since this blog is new, I may create some comment area where you can share your relocation stories or birth information.

Please be safe out there and stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly at every opportunity, especially when out. We’ll get through this.


Coronavirus on March 21 and relocation

At this point is is probably impossible for anyone reading to fathom even visiting another place, let alone moving there. I canceled travel plans for next weekend — and as someone with two planets in Sagittarius, including my Sun, I love to travel. My plan was to drive to Kansas City (it’s 600 miles from Denver) and go Contra Dancing ( with people I’ve never met. I do this in Denver on a regular basis. Needless to say, Contra Dancing was canceled (everywhere) before anything else because of how physically close people get to each other. It’s something I’m definitely going to miss, and in general I’m hoping for a complete lockdown in this country because that’s the only thing that can stop this virus.

For those of you who are looking ahead to whenever this ordeal is over, I can tell you why I would choose Kansas City. David Cochrane developed a form of Astrology called Vibrational Astrology. He did it based on about 45 years of research, including giving over 10,000 interviews in the 1970s and early 1980s. I am finishing up the 2 1/2 year program in Vibrational Astrology that he and his wife, Fei, developed. They’re actually holding a conference that would be in Gainesville but that they’ve converted to virtual several days ago. (

David along with an accomplished team developed Sirius III software for astrological charts and interpretations and, well, pretty much everything. It has every setting that you can possibly imagine. The most fundamental part of Vibrational Astrology is harmonics, for example one’s 5th harmonic involves magnifying the chart five times in order to discover aspects based on quintiles (a quintile is two planets 72 degrees apart, a biquintile is two planets 144 degrees apart). So two planets in quintile or biquintile pattern become conjunct in the 5th harmonic chart. (144 x 5 = 720 = 360 = 0). No doubt I’ll talk more about Vibrational Astrology in the coming weeks and months.

Sirius, like all good Astrology software packages, has Astro Maps. Sirius’s Astro Maps are probably more comprehensive than in any other software package, however, in both settings and what you can do with it. When I do consultations I rely heavily on the Astro Map’s Treasure Maps functions. This uses a set of settings to determine the best places for categories like “Love and Romance,” “Vocation and Career” and “Friendship and Family.” Friendship and Family and the “Friendship and Family, detailed” functions allow you to see what locations are ‘comfort zones,’ in other words where you would feel most at home. I know this very well because I lived in a place for 28 years that was not such a comfort zone at all!

You can see above my Friendship and Family influences are strongest right in the middle of where Kansas meets Missouri, right around Kansas City.

You can also see Love and Romance. I’m currently single, so find the idea of being in a location where my luck is a bit better encouraging. I’ve never been to Kansas City, though I’ve been to Omaha several times, and noticed that there might have been a bit more potential there, though Omaha is right on the edge of the pattern.

If you have Sirius III software, you can look at this too. I do this for clients who don’t have Sirius III.

I know it is difficult to even think about something like this right now, given that we shouldn’t be traveling and really shouldn’t even be leaving our house. But I’m not the type to let dreams die so easily, so just keep in mind if/when things get better, this is one of several methods to determine one’s best locations, for whatever you are looking for.

Please be safe out there.


First Astrology post!

I am really excited to be launching this blog! I’ll be posting periodically and semi-regularly to share what I know about relocation astrology and other things about astrology that I’ve picked up since 1997, when I read my first astrology source.

It was a book on something called personology (which was a new ‘thing’) called “The Secret Language of Relationships.” (Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers). It divided the zodiac up into 48 periods — you’d have Pisces/Aries cusp, Aries I, Aries II, Aries III, Aries/Taurus cusp, Taurus I, Taurus II, Taurus III, Taurus/Gemini cusp, Gemini I….

Each of the 48 periods was given a four-page spread. Then it gave every period’s relationship with every other period. If you do the math, that’s 48 squared divided by 2, which comes out to 1152. Every relationship was given a half-page spread. This is a very large book, and only the first in the Secret Language series.

The Secret Language of Birthdays came out around the same time, then the Secret Language of Destiny (about the Moon’s Node), the Secret Language of Luck (Jupiter and Saturn) and on and on…

As I learned more and more about astrology through these and other sources I eventually became interested in relocation astrology. Other than a simple Astro Map that I paid $90 for online in 1999 (for nothing more than a map and a few pithy remarks from the person selling it to me), I didn’t have much knowledge in it.

Fast forward to 2015, where I drove from Pittsburgh (where I lived) to Boulder, CO. I had brought an interpretation from Mapping Your Travels and Relocation, a book that comes with a CD-R of its interpretations, and I arrived in Boulder in the middle of the summer and immediately saw changes in myself — the same things I was reading — and, after much soul-searching, made a decision to come here for a longer period of time in 2016.

I read a whole bunch of astrology interpretations in the ten months in between, learning the positives and negatives, and then came here. It was originally supposed to be 42 days, then it became 49 days. I drove with my cat (you try driving a cat for three straight days across the country). I arrived in Colorado on May 6.

That 49 days ended up being extended well into July when I got to Nederland and realized I needed to stay here longer. By July 8 I closed on a condo.

About 80% of what I read in the various sources about my relocation came to pass. I learned a lot more after I got here too.

I hope you learn a lot about relocation astrology too! It will change you.